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TRX Single-Arm Push-up and Kettlebell Swing

Posted on Wed, 19 Oct 2011 03:10:00 -07:00

TRX Single-Arm Push-up and Kettlebell Swing

TRX Single-Arm Push-up and Kettlebell Swing

Coach and human performance expert Nick Tumminello is back with another perfect paired set featuring the TRX Suspension Trainer and kettlebells. In his last guest blog, he paired the TRX Atomic Push-up with a Kettlebell swing. This time around it's another killer combo with the TRX Single Arm Push-up and the Kettlebell Single Arm Swing.

Here are some coaching tips on these exercises:

TRX Single Arm Push-up

  • Keep your shoulders and hips square and level. This engages the core muscle as anti-rotators and improves spinal stability.
  • Keep a tight grip on the Suspension Trainer handle throughout the exercise.
  • Keep the Suspension Trainer strap in line with your forearm.
  • Keep your entire body straight and do not extend or flex your hips or lower back beyond neutral.
  • Keep your elbow close to your body while pushing.

Kettlebell Single Arm Swing

  • Think of this as a fast, explosive hip hinge!
  • A proper kettlebell swing should look more like a Romanian dead lift than a squat.
  • Be sure to have a good hold (tight grip) on the kettlebell while performing this exercise.
  • Do not allow your back to arch in a kyphotic manner. Keep a lordodic curve throughout the swing action.
  • Do not allow your body to rotate too much while swinging. The offset (uni-lateral) load creates core stability.
  • At the bottom of each swing, touch your forearm to your same side thigh. This allows you to use your lower body as the primary driver of the kettlebell instead of “arming” it up.

There are three primary ways you can use this workout with your clients and athletes:

  1. Density Set - Choose a given amount of time from five to eight minutes. Perform each exercise back to back for as many rounds as possible within that given time frame. Nick suggests performing eight to 15 reps of the Kettlebell Swing and six to 10 reps of the TRX Single Arm Push-up. Attempt to get more work done in the same time frame with each consecutive training session.
  2. Timed Set – Choose a given number of reps for each movement (see above for rep recommendations). Perform a given number of rounds (one paired set of both exercises is one round) in as little time as possible. Nick suggests performing anywhere from four to eight rounds. Attempt to finish in a faster time with each consecutive workout.
  3. Traditional Set – This is the most basic form and still a very effective training method. Perform each exercise as a super-set for a given number of reps, rest as needed between sets and complete a specific number of reps. For improved muscle endurance, use higher reps with less rest. For improved strength, use higher loads or wear a weighted vest while performing TRX drills and perform more sets with less rest and increase the length of the rest period.

Try this perfect pair on for size for a comprehensive, total body workout that can be quickly progressed or regressed to meet the needs of almost anyone from the average exercise enthusiast or at home exercise to the elite athlete.

For more ideas on using the TRX with kettlebells, check out TRX Kettlebell: Iron Circuit Power.

Nick Tumminello is founder of Performance University (, where he delivers world-class health and performance training and education to everyone from exercise enthusiasts to professional athletes. Nick is a highly sought after coach and educator and the inventor of the Core Bar. He has produced numerous educational DVDs and is a regular contributor to popular websites like T-Nation and

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