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TRX Spartacus Workout with BJ Gaddour

Posted on Fri, 17 Jun 2011 01:00:00 -07:00

TRX Spartacus Workout with BJ Gaddour

TRX Spartacus Workout with BJ Gaddour

Get a serious metabolic blast with this TRX Suspension Trainer, Rip Trainer, kettlebell, and medicine ball fusion workout from BJ Gaddour. Most fitness professionals know that metabolic workouts deliver big results, but there’s more to them than just that. The reality is that 75 million Americans suffer from a condition known as metabolic disorder, a condition characterized by a bulging belly and known as a precursor to heart disease, diabetes, obesity and even some cancers. This reality has forced top trainers to turn to the fat-blasting and metabolism-boosting effects of metabolic resistance training.

Inspired in part by the metabolic circuits Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove created for Men's Health, fitness expert BJ Gaddour has swapped out the dumbbells in the Cosgroves plan with the TRX Suspension Trainer to create the TRX Spartacus Workout, for those guys and gals looking to build a body of, well, epic proportions.

The TRX Spartacus Workout consists of two circuits, each consisting of five exercises repeated twice followed by a two minute transition period before you perform circuit one again. In other words, there are four different 10 exercise circuits that you perform for a fat-slaying 48 minute total body workout.

At each station, do as many reps as possible in 40 seconds. Rest for 20 seconds and move on to the next station. Perform step 1 for two rounds, then rest two minutes and do two more rounds. Rest for another two minutes and then progress to step 2. If you’re a beginner, simply start by just performing one round of step 1 and work towards being able to fully complete both rounds of step 1.

Step 1
Station 1 - TRX Lunge with Med Ball Slam
Station 2 - Band-resisted TRX Atomic Push-up
Station 3 - TRX Single Leg Squat with Kettlebell
Station 4 - TRX Single Leg, Single Arm Kettlebell Row
Station 5 - TRX Sandbag Rotational Lift

Step 2
Station 1 - Band-resisted TRX Bent Knee Hip Extension
Station 2 - TRX Sandbag Lift
Station 3 - Elevated Sandbag Clean and Press
Station 4 - TRX Single Arm Row with Kettlebell Press
Station 5 - TRX Rip Trainer Standing Side Plank Hold

This TRX Spartacus Workout is sure to ignite and inspire a fitness revolution among your clients and athletes! Give it a try today and share your results below.

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BJ Gaddour, CSCS, is the co-creator and fitness director for Workout Muse. He is a fitness bootcamp and metabolic training expert who regularly contributes to Men's Health, MSN Fitbie and various other media outlets. For more from Workout Muse, be sure to check out their best-selling app, iWorkout Muse PRO for the iPhone and iPod Touch, which allows you to build custom interval training soundtracks mixed to your favorite music.

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