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TRX Sweeps Winner's Euro Trip with LFC

Posted on Tue, 24 Sep 2013 04:20:00 -07:00

TRX Sweeps Winner's Euro Trip with LFC

The unique scalability of TRX Training enables people of all fitness levels, from gym-goers to elite athletes, to achieve their training goals. With the TRX Liverpool FC Sweepstakes, we merged the two worlds together, sending grand prize winner and TRX Education Graduate Jason Livingston on the trip of a lifetime to train like professional soccer team LFC and watch them go for their goal of winning a league title.

Livingston traditionally enjoys rooting for the underdog, and that’s exactly what he did when TRX flew him overseas to Liverpool, England to attend a soccer match between bitter rivals LFC and Manchester United. Amid the deafening roar of Anfield Stadium, Livingston witnessed a dramatic and memorable triumph as LFC edged the defending Premier League champions 1-0.

“I’ve been to professional sports events in the states and it has nothing on a soccer game over in England,” said Livingston. “The energy from the fans back and forth, the chants, just how involved the fans are, they’re all totally in tune with the game.”

That thriller was just one stop on Livingston’s trip, which he decided to turn into a bit of a second honeymoon for he and his wife Cecelia, providing them with a nice vacation from their five kids. The two toured Liverpool’s historical Anfield Stadium, worked out with TRX and a LFC trainer at their private Melwood training facility and then got to experience a live and exciting victory for the Reds.

It wasn’t just the Wisconsin native’s first time to a professional soccer match, but also his first trip outside of the U.S. “The trip was unbelievable. Being in England was a totally new experience from the states, the culture and the history were phenomenal,” he said, adding that he even learned some new lingo like “pitch,” the term used instead of “field” in soccer--or as they say in England, “football.”

The two-year TRX vet even learned some new moves during his training session at Melwood. Livingston and his wife were put through a lower-body-focused workout customized to the needs of the professional soccer players. He said there was a significant amount of hamstring work to help prevent pulled or torn hamstrings (one of the sport’s most common injuries).

Back in the states, the 39-year-old uses TRX two-to-three times a week and has a Suspension Trainer hanging from his door for the days he can’t make it to the gym. “I really started enjoying TRX because of the versatility of it. Some days I do a strength workout, others a cardio and metabolic workout. You’re not just tied down to one workout,” he said.

About a year after he was first introduced, Livingston decided to take his TRX training to the next level by taking a TRX Education Course. “I wanted to do that because I didn't know if I'd be at the gym forever and that way, at my own house, I’d have knowledge of what I was doing and understand how to workout properly,” said Livingston, who’s also experimented with the TRX Rip Trainer. “I think as far as TRX, a lot of people look at it and are like, ‘What’s this going to do for me?’ There are no big heavy weights hanging off it, but using your bodyweight, you can push out more than you could the old fashion way with weights. It’s a great product, doesn't take up much room and is the best apparatus I’ve found for a full-body workout.”

Now that he’s returned from his Euro trip, Livingston’s days of casually rooting for the underdog appear to be behind him. “I’ve been converted. I really built an appreciation for the history of the Reds, where they came from and where they’re going,” said Liverpool FC’s newest fan. 

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