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TRX Total Body Workout From Dr. Evan Osar

Posted on Wed, 23 Nov 2011 10:00:00 -08:00

TRX Total Body Workout From Dr. Evan Osar


We know you’re busy. After all, you have turkey to roast, relatives to entertain, pie to eat and belts to loosen. We get it. But if you have but a few moments to spare this Thanksgiving Day, that’s all Dr. Evan Osar needs to give you a decent TRX workout. File this one in the “something is better than nothing” category or the “keeping that piece of pumpkin pie off my hips” category or however your cerebral filing system works.

Here are the exercises:

  1. TRX Front Squat
  2. TRX Mid Row
  3. TRX Step Back Lunge (alternate legs)
  4. TRX Chest Press
  5. BONUS EXERCISE: TRX Standing Roll Out

Perform these exercises in that order, take a short break and then do them again. Keep going until you hear the ding of the kitchen timer or smell something burning.

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Evan Osar specializes in sports rehabilitation. With a range of athlete clients spanning from dancers to pro football players, Dr. Osar is also the founder of Fitness Education Seminars ( a company focused on raising the bar in educational standards for fitness professionals. Dr. Osar presents both nationally and internationally on the topics of health, fitness and corrective exercise.

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