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Posted on Dec 7, 2017 10:25 AM
TRX Trainer Summit


It’s official! We hope you have your cowboy/girl boots all shined up, because the 2018 TRX Trainer Summit is headed to Austin, Texas, May 5th & 6th. Learn more and sign up now!

To those who have participated in a TRX Trainer Summit before, you know what an epically awesome experience they are - and chances are you’re clearing the calendar and looking up flights as we speak (#FACEUP). To all of you Trainer Summit newbies out there: 1. the term FACEUP probably doesn’t mean much to you [YET],  and 2. don’t let this pinnacle event pass you by; it truly is a  game-changing few days.

Check out this vid from a past TRX Trainer Summit (we know it’s long, but it’s worth it). It gives you a little glimpse into the energy and “magic” that takes place over the course of a few days. It’s this awesome combination of learning, inspiration, sweat, laughter, new friends and old. By the time you leave, we promise, you’ll be hashtagging #TRXFamily on all of your straps-laden posts, and even better, you’re knowledge + skill level will be at an all time high.


(Are you feelin’ the energy)?

So whether you’re a trainer, coach, fitness enthusiast, or someone who just wants to keep learning? Say no more, TRX Trainer Summits are filled with industry thought leaders and pioneers who are ready to drop some serious knowledge bombs on you. Beyond that, you will forge life-long friendships and hob knob with the best and the brightest in the industry.

But don’t just take our word for it, the best information comes from those who have been there and done that. Here are some HONEST testimonials from people who have attended TRX Trainer Summits in the past.

“Sure TRXisms were re-enforced, reminders of the acronyms and the importance of the plank were covered, in addition to many, many new coaching tools/skills...but more than anything else, the spirit of my unencumbered 22-year-old self who was bound to change the world one healthier sphere of influence at a time was reinvigorated.” - Alaya, TRX Black Rank Trainer & Gym Owner

“I cannot speak highly enough of this event, with the ah ha moments, networking, friendships and experiences that you can only get by being there. Mark it on your calendar and make it an absolute part of your TRX journey.” - CJ, TRX Trainer Summit Attendee  

“I was reminded that all the education and my commitment to the value of education is the most solid investment I can make. I now have another fitness family of likeminded individuals all trying to pursue their better and help others bring out their best.” - TRX Trainer Summit Attendee

“It's not really about the periphery, it's about the connection....mind, body and soul, baby....that's what I'm talking about.  Always reaching higher ... is what makes this company and its "family" like no other.  WE ARE TRX.” - Dorothy, TRX Grey Rank Trainer & AFAA certified

“The Summit is a time to forge relationships with your TRX Family and really understand why we have the most inclusive, nurturing group in the Health and Wellness Industry. It will reinvigorate you as a coach and teach you things that are invaluable. We all need to learn. We all need to grow. We all need to connect ... and the TRX Trainer Summit is the time!" - Jesse, TRX Black Rank Trainer, Gym Owner

“If you’ve never been to a TRX Summit you have got to go. As soon as you get there, from the moment you step in the place it’s on top of energy on top of energy. You are surrounded by the best coaches in the industry. How can you not get pumped up from that.” - Quincy Williams, TRX Black Rank Instructor, Personal Trainer / Gym Owner



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