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TRX Training: Earn Your Progression

Posted on Mon, 31 Oct 2011 11:00:00 -07:00

TRX Training: Earn Your Progression


An integral element of the TRX Training Philosophy, the TRX FORCE Program and any good workout program is earning your progression. This means not advancing an exercise until you can master its basic elements, and only adding intensity on top of perfect form. If you want to get the most out of an exercise, scale it to your level: simple.

Think of it this way, have you ever tried to pull off a stop sign from 5th gear? What happened? Either you stalled or your car shook, rattled and jerked until you shifted down to a lower gear. This is good way to ruin your transmission. The same is true of your training. As you can see in the above video, TRX Programming Manager Liana Hughes checks Andrew’s mastery of each basic exercise before progressing him to a full TRX Burpee. If he wasn’t able to hold a plank without dropping his hips, or wasn’t able to fully extend his arms at the top of a TRX Single Leg Push-up, he wouldn’t have been up to the appropriate speed for shifting into the hardest gear of this progression: a full TRX Burpee.

We know, it takes patience, but you will get the most out of your training, regardless of where you are in your progression, if you get the basics down first. Trust us, we’ll meet you wherever you are in the process and take you where you want to go.

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