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Posted on Feb 21, 2018 5:45 PM
TRX Training Summit


To say that all of us here at TRX HQ are super excited for the upcoming Training Summit would be a massive understatement. In fact, we’re eccastic about it. And why are we so jazzed about a weekend that’s still more than 2 months away? To answer that simply: TRX Summits are epic on so many levels. They’re fun, inspirational, educational, they push you, they pull you, they’re all of the things that make this industry great, neatly packaged into one amazing weekend (in one of the coolest cities in America to boot). So to all of you who are still on the fence, we highly recommend that you take a running start, leap over that fence, and get yourself registered. You’ll thank us later.

In the meantime, we want to spread the excitement as we ramp ourselves up for this event with the TRX Training Summit Sweepstakes. Every week we’ll be giving away multiple prizes to multiple winners. The only hitch is that you have to be registered to win. (And as a side note, we should add that these giveaways are awesome. We’re not talkin’ one size fits all t-shirts and lame schatzki, we’re talkin’ real-deal top-of-the-line items. The kind of stuff that might even push you over that figurative fence ;-).

Here is how it works….

Upon registering for the Summit, you will automatically be entered to win. Simple as that. Every Thursday, at 5pm PST, through April 16th, we will be announcing winners via Facebook Live from the previous week (about 3 winners per week) and announce the prizes for the upcoming week. And ready for the best part? YOU CAN WIN MORE THAN ONCE! All registrants are free game. So, if you were a winner in the week 3 drawing, you are still eligible to win every week thereafter.

Insider tip: the earlier you register, the better your chances - ie. smaller group, better odds.

So if you were already planning on registering (or you are already registered), this is just a bonus perk to add to the Summit stoke factor. For all of those procrastinator types out there, get to clickin’ ‘cause the clock’s a tickin’ -- not to mention awesome prizes are passing you by.

Prize values range from $250 to $700 to PRICELESS. See details below.


Limited Edition Custom TRX Training Summit Suspension Trainer
Only 100 made!


Free Summit Registration for a Friend
Strike up a deal with a friend - if you win, they owe you for half of your registration. If you don't have a friend who wants to join you then we can refund you for your registration. 

$295 to use towards ANY
TRX Education Course

TRX Apparel

Rep the TRX brand from head-to-toe.


Dinner with TRX CEO & Founder, Randy Hetrick for You + Friend
Sit at the head table with Randy and other key TRX leaders at the Keynote Dinner Party on the Saturday night of the Summit.

Free Admission to TRX Business Symposium OR $500 to use on

Come to the Summit one day early for an intimiate session with the TRX Leadership Team that started it all. Brand Building. Strategy. Customer Experience. Leadership & Culture. Finance & Profitability.
If this type of thing isn’t your fancy, opt for the $500 to go on a TRX shopping spree!

Free Hotel Accommodations
We’ll put you up at one of our lovely hotels for the weekend (Friday and Saturday night).  

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