TRX Training Tip #2 from Coach Dos
Posted on Dec 14, 2011 10:00:00 PM
TRX Training Tip #2 from Coach Dos

During the holidays, temptation rears its ugly head in the form of fattening things you’d love to eat and workouts you’d love to skip. But if you think about self control as a muscle, the holidays provide perhaps the best opportunity all year to DO WORK!

In this metaphor, the gooey pumpkin pie with the rich French vanilla ice cream with whipped cream on top is your resistance. Feel that gravitational pull? Now the impulse, however faint, to NOT eat that 620 calorie gut bomb is the self control muscle you have to work with. If you successfully resist the temptation, the self control muscle is strengthened. If you don’t, well, there will certainly be more opportunities to try.

In this video, long time strength and conditioning coach and well known author, Robert Dos Remedios (aka Coach Dos) has three tips to help you work that temptation-resisting muscle.

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