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TRX Training Tip from Bryan Doo

Posted on Fri, 23 Dec 2011 10:00:00 -08:00

TRX Training Tip from Bryan Doo


S&C Coach Bryan Doo has been busy getting the Celtics ready for the start of the regular season tomorrow, but he paused between practice sessions long enough to offer these words of wisdom when it comes to your holiday fitness routine.

Doo has had a rich history of incorporating TRX Training into his programming. “The TRX is the perfect piece of equipment to keep training balanced during the season and not over train,” says Doo. “It really gives me the flexibility to decide, based on what part of the season we are in, how intense we are going to go with our training.” Here are Doo’s insights to get you set up for victory.

First, given the weather this time of year, chances are you’re going to be training inside, maybe in a cramped space, and at times this can seem like a major limiting factor. Doo actually sees tight quarters as a chance to get creative and really get a handle on some basics. “When using your TRX Suspension Trainer or TRX Rip Trainer indoors, do not feel "handcuffed" by the indoors,” says Doo. “Use this as an opportunity to find a group of exercises, master them and then find a way to take them to the next level.”

On the subject of motivation, Doo suggests, “Have fun with it! Chances are if you’re working out in the gym, everyone else will be watching you. Do something spectacular, so they say WOW.”

Check out the video above to see Bryan at the TRX Training Center in San Francisco earlier this year.

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