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TRX Training Tip from Jonathan Chaimberg

Posted on Fri, 09 Dec 2011 10:00:00 -08:00

TRX Training Tip from Jonathan Chaimberg

TRX Training Tip from Jonathan Chaimberg

There is something that some of the UFC’s top competitors (we are talking the likes of Keith Jardine, Brian Stann and Rashad Evens) all have in common, strength and conditioning coach Jonathan Chaimberg (at left). Chaimberg is a master at developing power in MMA fighters as well as finding new and innovative ways to make the TRX Suspension Trainer a vital component of the process. You’re in luck because has a few things to say about how you should be getting after it this holiday season.

First off, Chaimberg is definitely a fan of eating (his favorite holiday dish being mashed sweet potatoes with cinnamon), but he is also an advocate of control, and when control fails, make up for it in your training in a timely fashion. “Don't deprive yourself,” Chaimberg says, “just control portions, and if you do cheat a bit, make it up in the gym.” That does not mean putting it off until the New Year. In fact, if you can, try not to put it off until the next day.

Given that you are probably going to be training indoors, and most likely in a tight space like, Chaimberg, always an innovator, recommends you take this time to utilize your space in fun and creative ways. Take advantage of the stairwell in your apartment complex for some high-intensity intervals, for example, or use a dining room chair to elevate your feet when you’re doing a TRX Low Row. Chaimberg says, “Be aware of your surroundings and control your movements.”

A man of brevity, Chaimberg offers this holiday training pep talk, “As tired as you are, as lazy as you feel, make time to get a little something in, whether it be big or small. Just don’t get lazy and start missing workouts.” 

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