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TRX Training Tip from Matt Dixon

Posted on Sat, 03 Dec 2011 10:00:00 -08:00

TRX Training Tip from Matt Dixon

TRX Training Tip from Matt Dixon

Endurance coach Matt Dixon of purplepatch fitness has some holiday tips to help you get the most out of your workouts and nutrition so you can get a big leg up on next year’s Ironman season. With Kona and Arizona a distant memory, most triathletes are tapering back their training and gearing up to build up their endurance base after the start of the New Year. So what to do in the mean time? How do you stay trim around the holiday temptations so that you don’t backslide too far and lose all the progress you made throughout the year and still have a good time? Here is Matt Dixon's advice:

  1. Make a workout calendar and stick to it. “The only way to be successful,” Dixon says, “is to put the training on a calendar like a meeting that cannot be broken.” Schedule your workouts as you would any other important event. If you make time for the company holiday party or New Year's dinner at the in-law’s, use the same diligence to stick to your workout plan. Make events out of them, like a New Year’s Day Body Blast or your 3pm TRX Atomic Push-up session. Or you could do the TRX workout Matt created for professional triathlete Chris Lieto (above).

  2. If you need to trim the volume, up the intensity. Just because you can’t get your five hour medium-hard ride in next week doesn’t mean you can’t maintain your fitness with a 30 minute high intensity interval workout. Sure, it’s not the perfect supplement, but as Dixon says, “You have to be realistic. The key is consistency, even if you have to drop your weekly hours a little over the holidays, don’t allow yourself to go backwards.”
  3. When it comes time to eat, enjoy yourself. “I would urge people to indulge in a little temptation and go with it. Making a massive barrier to enjoyment will most likely lead to failure.” says Dixon, “A little excess is OK around the holidays.” The big thing to avoid is massive starvation throughout the day in anticipation for a big meal in the evening. Eat frequent small meals, stay hydrated, drink a few glasses of water 30 minutes before you sit down to eat and you will find that the urge to go back for seconds on pie will be a lot easier to resist. 

For more on Matt Dixon, visit purplepatch fitness ( If running faster and injury free is your fitness goal for 2012, then check out our library of online TRX/Matt Dixon Running Plans for all levels and distances. Click here for a FREE demo. 

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