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TRX Training To Supplement Redwood High School (RHS) Lacrosse Conditioning

Posted on Thu, 19 Jan 2017 01:26:00 -08:00

TRX Training To Supplement Redwood High School (RHS) Lacrosse Conditioning


As we enter into my fourth year as the strength and conditioning coach of the Redwood High School (RHS) Lacrosse Program, it is hard to contain my excitement.  Over the past years it has been a fun program to be a part of, and to be honest, it is the favorite part of my heavy work schedule.  Working with head coaches David Gross, then Blake Atkins has been an absolute pleasure. I’m certain that more passionate or dedicated coaches do not exist.  The reward of seeing the kids working together as a unit towards a shared goal of success brings me unbelievable satisfaction.  I’ve worked hard on developing the training techniques to accommodate and challenge this extensive group of up to 60 young athletes of pre-season conditioning.  After having two maturing and inexperienced squads over the past two years, the athletes this year seem poised for a Marin County Athletic League championship.

I have always taken a multi-modality approach to training the kids for their upcoming season.  Sometimes we work on cardio, and/or agility, and other times strength. Over the past few years I was introduced to the TRX Training products and programming, which is great for all ages and all levels, as it leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. After learning more, it made sense for me to enroll in the TRX Education courses to learn the system of TRX Foundational Movement Coaching.  I have also recently taken on a roll of a TRX Coach at the TRX Training Center, which has led to additional TRX Training education.  I have experienced the benefits first hand of this training solution and Blake and I felt that having this type of training to supplement the RHS Lacrosse team’s conditioning would be a great way to safely increase their strength, power and mobility. It’s also not only easy to use, but it’s easy to deliver for a coach in a team setting.

I’m excited to use the TRX Suspension Trainers and Rip Trainers extensively in RHS Programming this year because I know that these modalities will make them stronger, faster and better able to handle the intense rigors of high-level lacrosse.

I feel that with all things being almost equal within MCAL this season, this ongoing training may give us the advantage that we need.  I’m excited to see where all of this goes, and how my relationship with TRX will continue to grow. Go Giants.

Stein-Erik Skaar C.P. T.

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