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TRX Workout for Body Building or Figure Shaping

Posted on Thu, 31 May 2012 01:00:00 -07:00

TRX Workout for Body Building or Figure Shaping

TRX Workout for Body Building or Figure Shaping

We’ve enlisted the help of two top TRX Instructors to put together two gender-specific workouts designed to give you a total body blast to burn fat, tone up, and get a good burn in no time.

Ladies first…..

Most women have two objectives when it comes to working out: 1) increase muscle tone and 2) lose bodyfat. To meet these objectives, consider the fat burning power of strength exercises. That’s right, strong is the new skinny. So to show you how to apply strength building to obtain a lean and sculpted look, we asked TRX Senior Instructor and nationally ranked fitness competitor Shana Martin to show us three TRX Suspension Training exercises she uses to get her body ready to hit the stage. They are:

1. TRX Clock Push-up
2. TRX Burpee
3. TRX Pike

Now on to the guys... the workout objectives for men are simple: 1) increase muscle size and 2) increase strength. While most guys think the answer to this is high weight/reps, the reality is they need to focus on range of motion and mobility in order to optimize their strength and durability. To show us how it’s done, TRX Master Trainer Marc Coronel demonstrates three combination moves he relies on to keep his physique fit. They are:

1. TRX Squat to TRX Low Row to TRX Biceps Curl
2. TRX Chest Press to TRX Triceps Press
3. TRX Oblique Crunch Progression

Though we've billed these workouts as gender-specific, these moves can be done by anyone looking to shred and strengthen, so grab your TRX and get to work and we guarantee, when it comes time to drop the towel, you and your clients will be ready.

Shana Martin ( is a TRX Senior Instructor, fitness expert, world champion lumberjack athlete, national spokesperson, fitness competitor, gymnast, pole vaulter, runner… the list goes on! Shana graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Kinesiology – Exercise Science. She is the current fitness director at Supreme Health and Fitness in Madison, and also does personal training and teaches group exercise.

Marc Coronel ( is a TRX Master Trainer, a strength and conditioning coach and a nationally recognized fitness presenter. He has a Bachelor's degree in Sport Medicine Athletic Training. Marc is certified in Budokon and Zumba, and he holds a Blue Belt in BJJ.

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