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TRX Workout from Steve Jack

Posted on Wed, 28 Dec 2011 10:00:00 -08:00

TRX Workout from Steve Jack

TRX Workout from Steve Jack

Today's holiday training tip from TRX Master Trainer Steve Jack is packed with good advice on how to sail through these last few days of indulgence without your fitness going off the rails.

Steve's favorite pre-holiday meal workout using the Suspension Trainer is a deadly core matrix, where he combines the TRX Atomic Crunch, with a Jackknife and then a Pendulum (check out the video above to see Steve perform this matrix). Perform 30 seconds of each exercise and then rest for 45 seconds before beginning another round, building up to four rounds.

If you want to target your legs, Steve has created a high intensity leg matrix. "It's really tough and there is certainly a lot of lactic accumulation," says Steve, "but the good thing it's all done and over pretty quickly, so perfect when you're in a rush and time is an issue." Try this one on for size:

  1. TRX Single Leg Squat with Power
  2. TRX Lunge with Power
  3. TRX Lunge with Transverse Reach and Power

Perform each exercise first on the right and then rest for 60 seconds and perform the circuit on the right. Repeat two to three times "if you dare."

What’s Steve's #1 tip for maintaining good nutrition in the presence of holiday temptation? Simple. "Eat peanuts with your beer, to balance out your blood sugars." Now that's some nutrition advice we can easily follow!

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