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TRX X Boulder Crest Foundation: AWAKEN THE WARRIOR

TRX x Boulder Crest Foundation: AWAKEN THE WARRIOR


Here at TRX, we know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is a little support. Our founder and CEO, Randy Hetrick, created the original TRX Suspension Trainer from a jiu-jitsu belt tied together with parachute webbing as a way to stay in shape during his days as a Navy SEAL Squadron Commander. Because TRX was truly born out of service, we live each day like it’s Veterans Day.

That’s why we’ve held a long-time partnership with Boulder Crest Foundation—the preeminent leader in Post-Traumatic Growth for veterans and their families. Their unique approach fuses pioneering behavioral techniques with education and physical fitness to nurture the belief that they have the capacity to change and move forward in healthy, positive ways.

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It’s an honor to serve our country, but the experiences our veterans have while in service often leave many with challenges in transitioning back to everyday life, with combat-related stresses or traumas in the form of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Boulder Crest saw an opportunity to reinvent traditional therapeutic approaches into a positive growth mindset—they call it PTG or Post-Traumatic Growth. And the program that implements it? Warrior PATTH: Progressive and Alternative Training for Healing Heroes

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This breakthrough, effective approach transforms times of deep struggle into profound strength and lifelong growth through various techniques—behavior therapy, visualization exercises, meditation, and even physical fitness. That’s where TRX comes in—as part of our partnership, and in honor of our beginnings, we provide the Foundation with TRX® Suspension Trainers™ to keep veterans strong. Why? Because engaging in physical fitness provides tangible measures of progress that can translate into other avenues in life. 

“You start TRX and you may not be able to do 10 or 12 repetitions, but you start slow, and then you just progress and progress...and then you can adjust to when life throws things at you.” 

        - Abel Hernandez


Men holding TRX boxes

At TRX, we believe we’re all made to move, and that goes for this journey we call life. Every veteran that passes through the Warrior PATHH program not only actively works on their fitness as a community with TRX, but they each also receive their own set of straps when they graduate. We put the power in their hands so they can continue their journey of positive, rewarding growth at home. Every step is a step in the right direction. 

Here’s how you can do your part

We designed a Limited Edition TRX Digi Camo Strap in honor of veterans. We’ll give one set of straps to a veteran of Boulder Crest Foundation for each set sold. To show your support early, we’re offering them as a pre-launch special. Check them out here

TRX Digicamo Straps

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