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Ultimate TRX Core Workout

Posted on Tue, 20 Apr 2010 01:22:00 -07:00

Ultimate TRX Core Workout

This video, submitted by TRX Community member Scott Herman, features a truly challenging ab workout for those who want to achieve a sculpted six pack, using exercises like the TRX Crunch, TRX Pike, TRX Pendulum, TRX Body Saw, TRX Standing Roll Out, TRX Torso Rotation, TRX Side Plank and more!

Scott Herman ( is a NASM-certified fitness professional who has been using the TRX for the last two years. He even took it with him during his four month stint in Brooklyn for the 21st season of MTV's “The Real World!”

NOTE: Exercise names are author's own and not consistent with FAI branded exercise names.

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