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Vets Helping Vets: Lynne Virant’s TRX Story

Posted on Oct 30, 2019 2:15:00 PM

Vets Helping Vets: Lynne Virant’s TRX Story

Lynne Virant was a Naval aviation maintenance office for ten years before trading aerospace engineering for a career as a physical therapist and personal trainer. Whether she’s fixing airplanes or bodies, Virant has always been fascinated with how she could improve the way something works. 


As a physical therapist, Virant says she applies the same traits she enjoyed as an engineer—seeing how things are done and how she can make them better—to help people. It’s one of the reasons she’s drawn to the TRX Suspension Trainer. “One of the things that I love about TRX is that it gives people the opportunity to explore movement patterns that they normally don't think they could do or wouldn't do and go, ‘Oh wow, I can actually do that,’” she says.

Virant’s career in better body movement has included a variety of twists. Following her time in the Navy, Virant trained to be a physical therapist assistant, and later went to physical therapy school so she could have her own practice. (Today, she owns The Movement Clinic in Pensacola, Fla.) In addition to her physical therapy work, Virant has also worked as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer for almost 20 years. After learning about the TRX Suspension Trainer at a fitness convention in 2006, Virant became a Master Instructor, and added TRX Trainer to her long list of job titles. Surprisingly, Virant says that her role with TRX has brought her full circle back to military life.

trx force class

TRX Master Instructors frequently travel to teach workshops—something Virant says she loves—but one of her favorite memories on the road with TRX came while she was teaching a TRX Force class for the Wounded Warrior Project at Fort Sill, Okla. “One of the ‘aha’ moments that came up—and it always happens in some class—was one of the soldiers said, ‘We're always being told what we can't do. You've just spent the whole day telling us what we can do.’ And I was like, ‘Yes. That is exactly the point of this piece of equipment.’ Especially for a soldier; their whole being is being active, being physical, and being strong.”

Virant says moments like that are the greatest gift she’s received from TRX. “TRX gave me the opportunity to teach, (which is honestly my first love), to help people move better, (which is what I love to teach people to do), and then combine that with working with all aspects of the community, including the military. It brought all those worlds together.”

From military veterans to athletes to patients recovering from injuries, Virant loves showing people how the TRX Suspension Trainer can help them move better and avoid injuries. “That's ultimately my goal,” she says. “I know injury is job security for me. I would rather approach it from an injury prevention standpoint or at least an awareness, ‘Hey, this isn't moving well. Come see me right away before it gets worse.’”

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