Weight Loss Success Stories - Aaron's Transformation
Posted on Oct 15, 2015 7:07:00 AM
Weight Loss Success Stories - Aaron's Transformation
The pursuit of better is a decision anyone can make, anytime, anywhere.
This is Aaron’s short story about his TRX Transformation.
Aaron's Weight Loss
My journey started when I weighed over 210lbs.  I followed a guide to dramatically decrease my caloric count which helped me drop to 155lbs, but I gained almost all of it all back because I didn't have an exercise routine to rely on building any muscle. 
"I love how every workout whether it's focused on upper body or lower, always engages my core."
My brother and sister in-law introduced me to TRX at that point and I fell in love with the idea of working out on my own schedule and my own rate & intensity.  I work long hours every day and as a husband and father of three small children and I didn't want to be away from my family more than the 14 hours that I was already away from the house.  I mounted my TRX in the ceiling of our garage and I am able to workout for 45 min to an hour 6 days a week while the children play around me.  I also loved the idea that they see my routine and they recognize the importance of physical fitness.  
Aaron's Transformation
It’s been a long on going journey but the TRX helps me no matter what stage I’m at.  Being able to increase and decrease the intensity my workout is always encouraging because every day is not the same.  I've also brought my TRX with me as I've traveled and worked out of town.  I set it up in my hotel room against the door and again continue my routine.  I love how every workout whether it's focused on upper body or lower, always engages my core.  
Aaron’s favorite exercises: 
The Deltoid "T" Fly, 
The TRX Chest Fly 
The TRX Triceps Extension 
The TRX Chest  
Aaron's Transformation
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