When Female Veterans Return Home

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In the 15 months since Zeiger left Boulder Crest, she has noticed changes large and small. “I don’t fly off the handle as much,” she says. “I am able to work through what I am feeling and then have a conversation about it.” She has left active duty and is now in the reserves, has gotten married (two women from Boulder Crest attended the wedding), and has moved into a new home in Knoxville, Tennessee. Through all of the changes, she has kept up regular contact with women from her retreat group. “I am more in touch with how I feel after Boulder Crest,” she says. For the first time she can remember, she even feels happy. “I got my life back, actually a better version of me.”

The Warrior PATHH program at Boulder Crest Retreat. The Warrior PATHH program is focused on ensuring combat veterans can translate their time of deep struggle into profound strength and lifelong growth (based on the science of post traumatic growth), and TRX is a big part of that.

The TRX Suspension Trainers have been critical in not only allowing combat veterans to find new levels of capability and correct the impact of years of complacency and couch-sitting, but have also proved as a major confidence booster. These warriors stop comparing what they can do to what they should, and focus on mastering the body weight movements on the Suspension Trainer.

Each quarter, TRX donates 60 Suspension Training Systems to the Boulder Crest Retreat Warrior PATHH Program to show dedication to helping get Veterans back on their desired life path. 

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