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Where is your Favorite Outdoor Workout Spot?

Posted on Wed, 03 Jun 2009 01:00:00 -07:00

Where is your Favorite Outdoor Workout Spot?

Where is your Favorite Outdoor Workout Spot?
Welcome to Summer!  It’s a big land full of sun, fun, and fresh air.  The challenge during the warm summer months beyond maximizing your fun is always how to maintain your beach body during a season known for high-calorie BBQs and cool, sweet drinks.   
At TRX, we’re lucky to receive inspiring posts on our Twitter & Instagram feeds from dedicated fitness freaks snapping photos of themselves keeping up their physiques at some of the raddest locations around.  TRX Plank from a palm tree in the Philippines?  Check.  Low Row from a pine tree in Yosemite?  Got that, too. 
As the summer burns on, we want to invite our community to capture and share the sweetest shot of you doing your TRX thing out and about where noone thought you could.  By posting your photo to our Twitter feed, not only do others get to learn about you, but you get to inspire others to get out there and stay fit while enjoying the best the outdoors have to offer.  

The most inspiring photo as determined by the most number of likes receives a free TRX Pro Kit and sexy workout shirt.  All you need to do is post your photo along with the hashtag #SummerSizzle.  Get out there!

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