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4 Bodyweight Exercises That Deliver Outstanding Results

TRX at Home

4 Bodyweight Exercises That Deliver Outstanding Results

Home workouts have become the norm this year, with people rushing to buy the latest gadgets and equipment. It’s easy to spend thousands of dollars on new gear, but it’s not necessary. In fact, you can crush a heart-pumping, fat-burning, muscle-building workout with no equipment at all.

Long before the days of stationary bikes and weight machines, home exercise was a winning combination of bodyweight and gravity that just, well, works. While fitness tools can make workouts more interesting, understanding a few basic exercises—and why they’re effective—gives you the freedom to squeeze in a workout no matter where you go. Here, we break down four of our favorites exercises, along with ways you can progress these workouts with your TRX Suspension Trainer.


When you want to give your lower body some love, start with squats. This exercise engages your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, abs, and calves. Want to spice up your squats? Try adding an explosive jump as you drive up through the rep.

TRX Level Up: So you’ve nailed the squat, but can you do a pistol squat? Work up to this advanced move by starting with a TRX Single Leg Squat. Don’t forget to work both sides!


man performing single leg, or pistol, squat on TRX Suspension TrainerLunges

Much like the squat, lunges challenge your quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and abs. When you’re looking for more sweat equity from your basic lunge, try touching your back knee all the way to the floor, and driving off your forward leg up into an explosive jump. 

TRX Level Up: For an additional stability challenge, try the TRX Lunge. Adjust your straps to mid-calf length and stand facing away from the anchor point with one foot threaded through both foot cradles. All the other ingredients to this move—the knee tap to the floor, the optional hop— will be the same.

man performing TRX lunge on TRX Suspension TrainerPush-ups

Many of us think of push-ups as an upper-body exercise because we move our arms and shoulders to execute each rep, but push-ups also engage the core and the quads. From the upper body perspective, push-ups target your pecs, delts, triceps, and abs—not too shabby for a simple exercise!

TRX Level Up: For additional core and stability work, try the TRX Chest Press. This move works all the same muscles, but the stabilizing loop at the top of your Suspension Trainer will force your core to work a little bit harder to keep you from wobbling. The TRX Chest Press is also a great way to work up to a push-up, if you can’t yet support your full body weight for a rep. Simply walk your plank forward, (away from the anchor point), to reduce the weight or load on the exercise.

man performing a TRX Chest Press on a TRX Suspension Trainer


Does a workout without planks even count as a workout?

Trainers love planks because they engage your shoulders, back, booty, and abs—talk about efficiency! Best of all, the humble plank can be dressed up or simplified, according to your needs: high planks, low planks, side planks, plank-ups. You’re never stuck with the basic static move. There’s a world of planking possibility out there.

TRX Level Up: Adjust your straps to mid-calf length and slide your toes into the foot cradles for a TRX Plank or TRX Side Plank. Ready for an extreme challenge? Try threading one toe through both foot cradles for a single leg plank. 

man performing a TRX plank in a TRX Suspension Trainer

If a new bike, rower, or strength-training machine gets you excited about fitness, that’s great: the best workout is the one you actually do. But, if you’re feeling exercise FOMO because you can’t have an expensive home gym, cut yourself some slack. Bodyweight exercises work! And when you want to add to the challenge of bodyweight work, all you need is a TRX Suspension Trainer.

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