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Workout for Parents with Newborns

Posted on Fri, 09 Jan 2009 01:00:00 -08:00

Workout for Parents with Newborns


Lynn's recent post in regards to overcoming the challenges faced by new parents reminded me of a great little workout I did back in September when my new son was only 8 days old. While it certainly is more challenging to find the time to train as a parent it is not at all impossible. It just requires a bit of drive along with a willingness to make it fit in wherever it can. I've found the TRX Suspension Trainer to be an amazing solution to help me keep my own workouts on track simply because it is highly time effective, I can use it anywhere.

While Tristen is a little bit older now and doesn't sleep quite so much as before. I can still find ways to train with him in the mix by incorporating him in my activities (like this day of skating) or by trading off with him between sets when my wife and I train together.

I hope that you enjoy the video and that it sparks some ideas or lights your fire of motivation.

Good Luck!

The exercise sequence from my workout with Tristen is below:

Station #1
10 TRX Low Rows
10 TRX Single Leg Squats each side
10 TRX Hip Drops each side

Station #2
10 TRX Atomic Pikes
20 TRX Pendulums
10 TRX Body Saw

Station #3
10 Box (Rock) Jumps
10 Power Step Ups each side

Station #4
10 TRX Burpees Left
10 TRX Lunge Left
10 TRX Burpees Right

10 TRX Lunges Right
5   TRX Y Fly
5   TRX T Fly
10 TRX Biceps Curls
10 TRX Triceps Kickbacks

Station #5
5   Hill Repeats

Station #6
 10 Pull-ups

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