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You Are What You Eat... (What Do You Want To Be?)

Posted on Mon, 04 May 2009 11:21:00 -07:00

You Are What You Eat... (What Do You Want To Be?)

You Are What You Eat... (What Do You Want To Be?)

There is so much information out there about nutrition. It’s on the news, in the magazines, on the bus, TV commercials… everywhere. Every couple of days, you hear about another celebrity who lost 50 pounds and how easy it is. Then you hear on the news that you should eat this, but not that. How do you keep it all straight?!

At TRX, we’ve found a solution that we think works for the athlete and for the everyday person as well. The Precision Nutrition System, created by Dr. John Berardi, who has devoted his life to studying nutrition, and is probably one of the most comprehensive “how to” guides on nutrition that is readily available to the average person. John would be the first to admit how many mistakes he has made on his road to living a healthy life. But we think that’s great. How else do you find out what does work if you haven’t experienced some stuff that doesn’t work?

It would be impossible for us to summarize everything that makes Precision Nutrition one of the best systems around in a simple blog post. So instead we’ve collected five essential Precision Nutrition tips to share with you:

1. Eat every two to three hours – no matter what. Are you doing this—no matter what? Now you don’t need to eat a full meal every two to three hours, but you do need to eat six to eight meals and snacks that are healthy. Tip: The Gourmet Nutrition Cookbook has loads of recipes for healthy snacks.

2. Ingest a complete, lean protein and a vegetable every time you eat. Are you eating something that is an animal or comes from an animal –every time you feed yourself? What about vegetables? That’s right, every time you eat (every two to three hours, right?) in addition to a complete, lean protein source, you need to eat some vegetables. You can toss in a piece of fruit here and there as well. But don’t skip the veggies.

3. Ditch the calorie-containing drinks (including fruit juice). In fact, all of your drinks should come from non-calorie containing beverages. Fruit juice, alcoholic drinks and sodas—these are all to be removed from your daily fare. Your absolute best choices are water and green tea.

4. Focus on whole foods. Most of your dietary intake should come from whole foods. There are a  few times when supplement drinks and shakes are useful.  But most of the time, you’ll do best with whole, largely unprocessed foods (if it comes in a box, it’s probably not a whole food).

5. Have 10% foods. The other rules might feel like a lot of change, but here’s a reprieve. 10% foods are foods that don’t necessarily follow the other rules—but foods that you’re still allowed to eat (or drink) 10% of the time. Nobody is perfect and 100% nutritional discipline is not easy to accomplish. Just make sure you do the math and determine what 10% of the time really means. For example, if you’re eating six meals per day for seven days of the week, that’s 42 meals. 10% is four meals a week.

And did we mention that this is just a start?  To learn more about the PN System, check out the Gourmet Nutrition Cookbook.

And just to reiterate rule #5…  We love our food here at TRX and we try to make healthful choices. However, we realize that you need to live life a little bit and savor those 10% foods. In-n-Out anyone?

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