TRX Education FAQs

Education Frequently Asked Questions

TEMPORARY CANCELLATION POLICY: REGISTER RISK-FREE. With the growing global concerns regarding COVID-19, we take the safety and security of our course attendees seriously. We are closely monitoring the regions our courses are being hosted and are working with our host locations to ensure everyone is following CDC protocol. In the event you have a direct concern of attending your scheduled course, please contact or call 1-888-878-5348 to reschedule your course without any penalty, or to place a credit on your account. 

REGULAR CANCELATION POLICY: Course registration fees are non-refundable. However, if for any reason TRX cancels the course, registrants will have the option to receive a full refund. Requests to change registration from one course to another must be made at least 14 days before the course date to TRX by email at Requests made later than that are subject to a $100 rescheduling fee. Registrants may assign their course slot to another student for a $50 change fee. Note: Hard copy manuals are non-refundable.

Our eight-hour, live TRX Professional Education Courses are $295. All courses include:

  • Expert instruction and hands-on practice
  • Continuing Education Credits (CECs)
  • A TRX Qualification
  • A Digital Course Manual (*Hard Copy Manual optional additional purchase upon checkout)
  • An invitation to join the TRX Directory

Our 2-day, TRX Advanced Group Training Course are $845. Course includes:

  • Continuing Education Credits (CECs)
  • A TRX Certification*
  • 18 unique training sessions that have been carefully structured to progress over four, six, or eight weeks, depending on the schedule you choose
  • A hard copy course manual
  • An invitation to join the TRX Directory

*Online certification exam to gain status (80% pass score required)

Yes. Fitness professionals can earn CECs with the completion of a TRX Professional Education Course from the following organizations (list varies from course to course):

  • ACE (ACSM accepts ACE CECs)
  • AFAA
  • AFLCA (Canada)
  • BCRPA (Canada)
  • Fitness Australia
  • HCOA (Puerto Rico)
  • ISSA
  • IYCA
  • NASM
  • Physical Activity (Australia)
  • PTA Global
  • REPS (New Zealand)
  • REPS – SkillsActive (United Kingdom)
  • REPSSA (South Africa)

Please check the course page for specifics on the number of CECs each organization provides for completion of each TRX Professional Education Course.

At the end of our TRX Education courses (STC, FTC, RTC, GTC, & SMSTC) you will receive a Qualification from TRX, which recognizes your ability to apply the knowledge and newly learned skills into your role as a fitness professional.

TRX’s courses are not accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), however your Qualification is recognized by Fitness Anywhere, LLC, and continuing education credits can be applied to your certification. You will be listed and recognized as a TRX Qualified Trainer in the TRX Directory.

TRX is now offering its very first TRX Certification Course (recognized by Fitness Anywhere, LLC). For more information on this course, please visit TRX Advanced Training Course (AGTC).

There are no prerequisites for taking the following TRX Education courses: STC, FTC, RTC, GTC, & SMSTC. However, we designed a progressive journey with a suggested course path. We strongly encourage fitness professionals to begin with the TRX Suspension Training Course to build a base knowledge of foundational movements on the TRX Suspension Trainer and to learn our system of Foundational Movement Coaching.

For our TRX Advanced Group Training Course (AGTC), prerequisites include the Suspension Training Course (STC- from 2015 to recent) in addition to the Functional Training Course (FTC) and/or the Group Training Course (GTC).

TRX Education is a movement-based training curriculum that provides fitness professionals with a progressive approach to learning our system of Foundational Movement Coaching. Our courses progress from practicing Foundational Movement standards with the TRX Suspension Trainer to developing your skills and integrating multiple training tools with individuals and/or groups. We’ve designed a progressive journey with a suggested course path to help you learn and grow in your career as a fitness professional. However, you are also encouraged to carve your own path to tailor to your needs.

Suspension Training Course: This course serves as the cornerstone of TRX Education and teaches the fundamentals of Suspension Training with a library of over 40 exercises. Learn to coach these exercises using TRX Foundational movement standards, to get any client, at any level, to reach their goals of moving better.

WHO SHOULD TAKE THE STC: Personal Trainers, Group Instructors, Fitness Enthusiasts, Small Group Trainers, Bootcamp Instructors, Allied Health Professionals, Athletic Coaches

Whether you’re new to the industry or a veteran, this course will provide an individual with a whole new skill set in the way of movement-based training using the Suspension Trainer.

Functional Training Course: Master TRX Foundational Movements on the Suspension Trainer and begin to apply these learnings on a variety of functional training tools (Battle Ropes, Medicine Balls, TRX Rip & Duo Trainer, Kettlebells, Slam Balls, etc. Learn how to lead multiple circuit-based workouts for personal training, small group, or large group training.

WHO SHOULD TAKE THE FTC: Personal Trainers, Group Instructors, Fitness Enthusiasts, Small Group Trainers, Bootcamp Instructors, Allied Health Professionals, Athletic Coaches

Group Training Course: Master the intricacies of TRX group training and deliver the TRX experience that will best suit your clients and members. Whether you are looking for a fundamental, strength-based TRX workout (Strong), or a high-intensity challenge (Fit), this course has you covered.

WHO SHOULD TAKE THE GTC: Personal Trainers, Group Instructors, Fitness Enthusiasts, Small Group Trainers, Bootcamp Instructors, Allied Health Professionals, Athletic Coaches

Rip Training Course: Optimized for Personal Trainers with a library of exercises with progressions and regressions, cueing tips, and program design for different client types using the TRX RIP TRAINER.

Sports Medicine Suspension Training Course: In this course, you will deep dive into foundational movements and learn techniques to make them appropriate for different client scenarios. You’ll learn how to incorporate Suspension Training Exercises into your client’s pre-hab or post-rehab programs to build strength and reduce the chance of injuries.

TRX Trainer Basics (Digital Course): This online course goes over the basics of training with a TRX Suspension Trainer. It includes 1 hour of video content, hands-on practice, and a quiz.

TRX for Yoga (Digital Course): Mix it up with this self-paced, online course that will show you how to infuse TRX Suspension Training into your yoga practice with a fresh evolution of movement meant to assist and challenge traditional poses. *It is recommended that users be yoga certified, and have a base knowledge of TRX Suspension Training.

Advanced Group Training Course: In this two-day course, be among the first to get TRX Certified with the TRX Advanced Group Training Course (AGTC), the pinnacle of your TRX Education Journey. Through the application of TRX’s Group Coaching System, you will master your coaching techniques and learn how to effectively program and deliver elite, customizable TRX Group workouts.

If you aim to follow the Journey as the Journey was built the steps have been outlined below:

STEP 1: TRX Suspension Training Course (STC)

If you had to take one course over the whole of your fitness career, we would recommend it to be the TRX Suspension Training Course. The STC often gets mistaken for one that simply goes over how to use the TRX Suspension Trainer, our flagship product, but the value of this course lies in its coverage of the TRX Foundational Movements.

STEP 2: TRX Functional Training Course (FTC)

In the TRX Functional Training Course, attendees take what they learned in the TRX Suspension Training Course—TRX Foundational Movement standards using the Suspension Trainer—and “change the condition” through the incorporation of different types of functional training tools such as Battle Ropes, Kettlebells, Medicine Balls, and more. Overall, attendees will walk away from the FTC with the ability to recognize incorrect movement patterns and know how to correct those patterns with quick and effective imagery-based cues that their clients will understand. Lastly, attendees will be able to build functional training circuit style workouts that can be applied to personal or group training, using any piece of equipment.

STEP 3: TRX Group Training Course (GTC)

Coaching groups can be a challenge. You’re dealing with a whole slew of factors from varying levels of fitness and coordination, to correcting faults without making someone feel singled out. The TRX Group Training Course applies the principles from the STC and FTC and then shows you how to confidently approach many of these factors through effective communication and cueing. The GTC will also show you how to challenge and lead groups without compromising that one-on-one vibe achieved in a personal training setting. Attendees will walk away with two group workout formats: TRX Fit & TRX Strong.

STEP 4:  TRX Advanced Group Training Course (AGTC)

The TRX Advanced Group Training Course is our Certification Level course—the pinnacle of the TRX Education Journey. This two-day course gives you the recipe to our “secret sauce”, so to speak. It’s where we pull back the curtain and show you how to create your own TRX Experiences, using the TRX Programming Lenses. Amongst many other things, graduates of the AGTC will walk away with the ability to create amazing programs—rooted in science and best practices—and then deliver those programs in the most effective and purposeful way.

The path you choose to take through our education courses can be tailored specifically to meet your goals.

Suggested Itinerary: Suspension Training Course (STC) + Functional Training Course(FTC)

Begin learning the TRX movement-based philosophy and put those standards to work in various client scenarios. We always say "It’s not about how much you know, but about what you can coach that matters." The STC and FTC will definitely get you there.

Suggested Itinerary: Suspension Training Course + Functional Training Course + Group Training Course (GTC)

Once you’ve mastered the movement standard, it’s time to apply what you know to a group setting. Regardless of the variables, GTC grads will leave this course with the ability to confidently lead large and small groups, with a multitude of skill levels, applying new game-changing techniques. Additionally, you will walk away with two pre-programmed workout templates.

Suggested Itinerary: Suspension Training Course + TRX for Yoga Digital Course

Infuse TRX Suspension Training into your yoga practice with a fresh evolution of movement meant to assist and challenge traditional poses. Just as yoga blocks, straps, and bolsters assist students with their yoga practice, the TRX Suspension Trainer can be a valuable tool to support or enhance several poses. The TRX for Yoga digital course aims to advance your TRX Suspension Training knowledge and skill-set with yoga-inspired movements that emphasize mobility, stability, and strength.

Suggested Itinerary: Suspension Training Course + Functional Training Course +Group Training Course + Advanced Group Training Course (AGTC)

Compile all the knowledge and skills you’ve accumulated and prepare yourself for your deepest dive into mastering TRX programming protocols and delivering the ultimate TRX Experience. Pass your written and live skills tests during this two-day endeavor and you’ll be a certified TRX coach.

Suggested Itinerary: Suspension Training Course + Sports Medicine Suspension Training Course (SMSTC)

For pre-hab as well as rehab, the Suspension Trainer has the ability to assist your clients and help patients attain or regain functional strength and range of motion. The SMSTC will teach you how to incorporate TRX® Suspension Training® into your individualized or group post-rehabilitation, injury prevention, and fitness programs. Pour over various case studies to see how best to address various types of injuries and physical setbacks.

The following TRX Education courses: STC, FTC, GTC, RTC will include a Digital Course Manual with course purchase.*

Our SMSTC & AGTC** course will include a hard copy manual with course purchase.

*There will be an option at checkout to purchase a hard copy manual for an additional fee.

**For our TRX Advanced Group Training Course (AGTC) participants will receive a digital Pre-Work Guide and a hard copy AGTC Manual at the course.

Once you sign up for a TRX Education Course (STC, FTC, GTC, RTC), you will receive a confirmation email with a token code to redeem your Digital Manual via your MyLocker account.

Yes. Your Digital Manual will live in your MyLocker account. From there it is recommended you download your Digital Manual to your electronic device prior to arriving to your course.

Your digital manual can be downloaded and saved onto your electronic devices for future use.

For our STC, FTC, GTC, RTC courses, all participants will receive a digital course manual and there will be an option at checkout to purchase a hard copy manual for an additional fee.

SMSTC and AGTC courses, come with a hard copy manual at the course.

Digital Manuals are in a PDF format so any laptop, mobile device, and tablet that supports PDF files are compatible with our Digital Manuals. It is recommended, but not necessary, that you download and view using Adobe Acrobat (computer) or Adobe Acrobat Reader App (mobile/tablet).

TRX’s Digital Manuals have editable text fields to take notes on via your electronic devices. It is recommended, but not necessary, that you download and view using Adobe Acrobat (computer) or Adobe Acrobat Reader App (mobile/tablet).

No. TRX Suspension Trainers and/or RIP TRAINERS (and other exercise tools) are provided for the course. Attendees should bring a pen/paper, copy of their digital manual, water bottle, towel, extra shirt, lunch, and snacks.

Yes. The courses are designed to teach all attendees how to effectively train themselves and others on the TRX Suspension Trainer, TRX RIP TRAINER, and other functional training tools. Although the additional knowledge is beneficial, the TRX courses are not limited to a specific profession.  We’ve designed a progressive journey, with a suggested course path, to help you learn and grow in your career as a fitness professional. However, you are also encouraged to carve your own path to tailor to your needs.

If you do not see a course in your state, check nearby states and continue to check the TRX website, or consider hosting a course at your facility. Feel free to add your location requests here.

Yes. We have many International Education Distributors who have TRX-approved Course Instructors and Course Materials to deliver the same best-in-class education worldwide. To find an International course, contact y0ur local TRX Distributor so that they can direct you to a list of upcoming courses.

TRX has an extensive instructor development process to uphold the quality of our education. The first step is to fill out an instructor application form (resumes will not be accepted). The applicant must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Has attended a one-day, 8-hour TRX Professional Education Course
  • A proven leader in the fitness industry (conference presenting, published articles, DVD titles)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, Kinesiology, or related field. For the SMSTC, licensed healthcare practitioner or Master’s Degree in Exercise Science, Kinesiology or related field and experience in a clinical or post-rehab environment
  • Current National Certification (s) (e.g., ACE, NASM, NSCA, etc.)
  • 2-3 years of presentation experience
  • 6-8 years experience in one or more of the following areas: fitness presentation, physical therapy, strength & conditioning coaching, group fitness, or personal training.

Contact us at to receive an instructor application to submit for consideration. These applications will be ranked by presentation and industry experience, as well as TRX knowledge, and company need.

Please contact us at for details on hosting a TRX Education Course.

Following your first exposure to TRX Education, you will become part of the entire TRX Family, which includes 200,000+ professionals worldwide. This means you are surrounded by some of the most talented and passionate professionals in this industry, all who will quickly become your go-to resources. Above this, every month we will release content to you via our Education Emails: blog articles, and tips, along with partner discounts with some of the best of the best in the industry.

TRX CORE is a professional subscription-based membership with TRX (available in North America). Course grads are often looking for new content, more clients, and product-specific coaching and exercise tips. TRX CORE provides weekly releases of coaching tip content, along with a PERKS program which includes a discount for Nutrition, Professional Education (NASM, ACE, and others), access to our Ambassador Program where you can share discounts, earn money, enjoy an exclusive 30% discount off products on 24/7, and exclusive invites to TRX CORE events.

The TRX Trainer/Training Summit is our iconic annual event. Hosted in some of the best travel destinations and settings, you will get two days of inspiration, education team building, and FUN with 400+ of the top TRXers. Over the two days, there are 20 hours of education, the TRX FACEUP Games, welcome parties, a banquet, and some swag. Keep checking for updates on new dates and locations.

Contact us at or 1-888-878-5348.

Yes! Please check out our FAQs on the TRX Suspension Training Virtual Course here!