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A Tactical Gym for a Veteran

TRX Tactical Gym

Used by the US Armed Forces, the TRX Tactical Gym comes with a 12-week conditioning program and the TRX FORCE App for on-the-go training.

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TRX Fund Testimonials

Warrior Fund

How can we most directly impact this population of soldiers who need help?

Thoughout the year, $5 of every online sale of the TRX Tactical Gym goes into an account that funds a coordinated effort to provide training equipment, education, and workouts to wounded warriors and other disabled athletes. For example, TRX provided Suspension Trainers and education classes to Wounded Warriors at the NMMC and provided free custom workout programs to vets at the Veteran Employment Transition Foundation. Help the cause and make a measurable difference by purchasing your TRX Tactical Gym today.