Bodyweight Training

Since the dawn of time, humans have used their own bodyweight for resistance training. Using your own bodyweight as a training tool enables you to develop strength, increase mobility, bolster endurance, burn fat and build lean muscle virtually anywhere. Bodyweight training predates any fitness fad, but it continues to be a staple in the training menus of top trainers, coaches, athletes and experts. On this page you’ll find a wealth of resources related to TRX and bodyweight training.

What is Bodyweight Training?
Any movement or form of exercise that relies on your own body for resistance constitutes bodyweight training. Some classic bodyweight training movements include burpees, box jumps, broad jumps, vertical jumps, jumping jacks, sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups and pistol squats. The TRX Suspension Trainer enables leveraged bodyweight exercise and unlocks a new world of multi-planar Suspension Training movements not possible with conventional bodyweight training.

Why is Bodyweight Training important?
A basic mastery of your own bodyweight translates to increased strength, durability and spacial awareness that improves the way you move and feel in sport and in life. Because your own bodyweight provides the resistance, you can instantly decrease or abandon these exercises easily if they become too difficult.

Why should I use TRX for Bodyweight training?
The TRX Suspension Trainer leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises and puts you in control of how much of a challenge you want. You simply move closer to or farther away from the anchor point to increase or decrease the difficulty of any movement. You can also easily perform many movements unilaterally--on one side of the body. The TRX Suspension Trainer’s unique design also enables on-the-fly adjustments to stability. Adjusting stability can change an exercise’s intensity, targeted area and level of core challenge. The TRX Suspension Trainer can make bodyweight training more accessible to new trainees and more challenging for advanced trainees.


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