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Turn your training business into a powerhouse with the TRX PRO Suspension Training Kit.

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This Kit features the strongest, most durable Suspension Trainer we’ve ever built for commercial use, a trainer-specific instructional video and workout cards, 6 mix and match workout sessions, and two bonus workouts for your clients.

$249.95 each
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Why the TRX PRO Suspension Training Kit is right for you?

  • Durable and easy to clean rubber handles.
  • Commercial warranty.
  • Multiple anchoring solutions .
  • Trainer Basics video for you.
  • 8-week guide and workouts for clients.
  • Includes two BONUS workout videos.

Read What TRXers Are Saying

“What piece of gym equipment gives you the best workout? I like the TRX System. The balance involves your entire...
Bob Harper
The Biggest Loser
“I use the TRX to tone up at home when I can’t get to the gym.”
Jaime Pressly
Shape Magazine
“On the road, I use the TRX Suspension Trainer. You can use it anywhere, strap it to a pole or behind the door. ...
Drew Brees, MVP Super Bowl XLIV
New Orleans Saints

TRX PRO Suspension Training Kit Includes:

The TRX PRO Suspension Trainer.

Theft-Resistant Locking Carabiner:

Corrosion resistant, pin lock security to guarantee that your Suspension Trainer will stay put right where you anchor it

Ultra-Durable Dupont® Kevlar® at High Wear Points:

Guarantees high performance, session after session, class after class.

Ergonomic and Durable Rubber Handles:

Easy to clean and have a textured, anti-slip design to increase grip and safety during sweaty workouts.

Revolutionary Barrel Lock Adjusters:

Low profile steel slide mechanisms for improved comfort and easy adjustment

The Trainer Basics Video

  • Expert Instruction: Master-level training session by the TRX Head of Human Performance.
  • Exercise Variations and Bonus Moves: Learn to progress and regress key TRX movements for any client.
  • Fix Common Faults: Learn to identify and correct the most common faults you will see with your clients.
  • View Anywhere: Stream or download on your computer, phone or tablet to use wherever you train.

A Full Range of Anchoring Solutions

TRX Suspension Anchor:

Train your clients outside when you set up your Suspension Trainer, anywhere.

TRX Door Placard:

Train safe when you hang this "Workout in Progress" placard

TRX Door Anchor:

Train your clients at home when you set up your Suspension Trainer on any sturdy door.

TRX Wrench:

TRX wrench to lock your Suspension Trainer.

TRX Xtender:

Lock your Suspension Trainer or anchor to high or oversized anchor points.

TRX Mesh Carry Bag:

Take your Suspension Trainer wherever you train clients.

TRX PRO Wristband:

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loving my TRX! so versatile and adds a whole new level of challenge to my workouts!
Totally Awesome! Wish I had found it years ago.
Excellent product. I am a home user but selected the Pro model and really like it for the quality of the handles and access to the training content.
worked perfectly, even though it wasn't to my home address. And so fast! Thx
TRX should make it easier for me to exercise different muscles and possibly more muscles with less equipment. I don't intend on using it to replace my barbells, rather TRX will complement other things I am doing. It will take me awhile to figure out what I can and can't do with TRX. The one product suggestion I would make is that the designers could put a little more thought into minimizing wear at the wear points with careful design.
Excellent!! Enough said!!!! :) Crush99
This is a well built and easy to use product. I have my wife working out and excited about getting in shape for the first time ever.
I love this system! You can target a specific area or get a total body workout. Minor adjustments can make your workout more challenging. Easy to set up.
I am currently on my 3rd unit since purchase last April. I am the sole user of the TRX and am average size. The adjusting barrels slip and smooth out the strap I have used TRX since 2006, but this latest unit has poorly designed adjusters that seem to gradually slip farther and farther.
My TRX Pro was everything I expected!
Perfect product. Ready for the next level
VERY excited about the new TRX Pro Kit! Trainers and consumers gave their feedback and TRX listened! The heavy-duty handles are my favorite- easier to clean and seem like they will last forever! It’s also nice to have a kit come with the extender strap and door anchor, so we don’t have to worry about ordering those separately. Most importantly the workout cards and downloads are AMAZING! They are up to date and very user friendly. Nice work TRX.
OMG!!! It's not just an awesome new product but everything else it comes with is well worth more than the asking price! The new profile adjusters makes it a smoother and easier transition to adjust the straps. The new rubber handles makes it easy to clean in between patients or clients. The extender strap and the door anchor allow you to hang it anywhere. The new workout cards make it easy to keep work outs fresh so your patients or clients are not bored. The best part also is the video that you can stream or download on your phone or your computer. This is the ultimate package for anybody who works in the healthcare field or trains clients. It takes you from A to Z so you can use the TRX with anybody, any where regardless of how high or low functioning they are!!!