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TRX Xtender

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The TRX Xtender gives you extra length and security when you want to attach your TRX Suspension Trainer to high anchor points or thick vertical anchor points

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The TRX Xtender is an excellent solution for situations where your anchor point is too high or thick to properly utilize your TRX Suspension Trainer.

The TRX Xtender is suggested when your anchor point is 9 ft or more off the ground, or when your anchor point has a thick circumference - like a tree or a pole. Simply loop around or attach the Xtender to your elevated anchor point.

The TRX Xtender is 37" in length. For greater lengths, simply join two or more Xtenders together. We recommend using one TRX Xtender for anchor points under 25” in circumference and two or more combined Xtenders for larger anchor points.
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I have found my extender VERY useful but would like to have known the length before I ordered it. It felt like a risk at the time. I recommend any avid TRX'er has one of these on hand. I never take my TRX any where without it.
Jim lee
just click the next tab and you will get a product description.. it is 37 inches long
I agree with Mark. Why is the length not listed in the product description? It makes the "buy / don't buy" decision much more difficult.
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