TRX Going Digital

TRX Going Digital

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TRX is turning over a new leaf this Fall by making the switch to Digital Manuals.  Our Education Journey (STC, FTC, GTC, and RTC) are all going digital. This will enable participants to digitally interact with our education manuals, as well making our manuals more portable and easily accessible.  They will be delivered to participants via their TRX MyLocker Accounts.  Participants in the soft launch window, August 22nd through September 30th 2015, will receive both a hard and digital copy of the manual. Beginning October 1st 2015, all Education Journey courses will completely switch to 100% digital. Please refer to our FAQ’s below and online for more details. If you have any specific questions you can contact our Customer Service team.


TRX Education & Training Team

TRX Education Course Digital Manuals FAQ’s

How will I receive my Digital Manual?

Once you sign up for a TRX Education Course, you will receive a confirmation email with a token code to redeem your Digital Manual via your MyLocker account.

Do I have to create a MyLocker account in order to redeem my Digital Manual?

Yes. You’re Digital Manual will live in your MyLocker account; from there it is recommended you download your Digital Manual to your electronic device prior to arriving to your course.

Your digital manual can be downloaded and saved onto your electronic devices for future use.

Will I also receive a hard copy manual at the course?

All courses between Aug. 15th - Oct. 1st 2015 will receive BOTH a hard and digital copy of the manual.

All courses AFTER Oct. 1st 2015 will receive a digital copy ONLY.

What If I want a hard copy manual? Can I purchase a hard copy manual separately?

Unfortunately, we don’t sell a hard copy separately.  However, should you want a hard copy to take notes on, it is advisable to print your manual ahead of time and/or bring a notebook to the course.

What format do the Digital Manuals come in and what devices are compatible?

Digital Manuals are in a PDF format so any laptop, mobile device, and tablet that supports PDF files are compatible with our Digital Manuals. It is recommended, but not necessary, that you download and view using Adobe Acrobat (computer) or Adobe Acrobat Reader App (mobile/tablet).

Can I take notes on my Digital Manual?

TRX’s Digital Manuals have editable text fields to take notes on via your electronic devices. It is recommended, but not necessary, that you download and view using Adobe Acrobat (computer) or Adobe Acrobat Reader App (mobile/tablet).