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Product Reviews

Icon-open-quote There really is no limit to what you can do with these straps. Icon-close-quote
Lizzie on TRX Home
Icon-open-quote I can't wait to get my hands on my own system! Icon-close-quote
Stephanie on TRX Home
Icon-open-quote I don't know what I did before the TRX! This is the best of everything roll... Icon-close-quote
Nik on TRX Home
Icon-open-quote This is a far superior workout to the strength training I used to do! Icon-close-quote
Icon-open-quote I thought I was in good shape, until I started working out with a TRX. Icon-close-quote
Domingo on TRX Home
Icon-open-quote Anywhere I can take my phone, I can workout on TRX. Amazing. Icon-close-quote
Icon-open-quote In the 30 years I've been training...this is by far the best system! Icon-close-quote
Amber on TRX Pro
Icon-open-quote Rip has taken the last 5 pounds faster than any other training I’ve tried. Icon-close-quote
Icon-open-quote Never been through a workout like Rip! My abs are on fire. Icon-close-quote
Icon-open-quote I'm thrilled about the home kit and I think the price is well worth it. Icon-close-quote
Kelly on TRX Home
Icon-open-quote Keeps me warm without being too hot. Great Buy. Cool Design. Icon-close-quote
Icon-open-quote Life changing workout!!! You can do anywhere anytime any place. Icon-close-quote
Liz on TRX Home
Icon-open-quote Security of the anchor is great. I can execute all TRX moves with confidence. Icon-close-quote
Mardee on TRX Xmount

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