TRX - Moves of the Week - 10-30-20 Final With captions (1)


We all love a cool, new move to try out (and show off a little), but when it comes to getting strong, fit, and fierce, it’s all about getting back to basics—a few foundational moves with a twist that focus on compound strength (translation: multiple muscles at a time) to get reliably fitter, faster all on the TRX Suspension Trainer


MOVE 1: TRX Squat Row

Miguel performing a squat row

Strap setup: Mid-Length 

Your setup: Stand facing the anchor point. Hands are chest height, arms extended.

What it does: Burns your glutes, quads,  and hamstrings while working your entire upper back

How it works: 

  • Lower your hips down and back to a deep comfortable squat
  • Drive through your feet and return to stand with a TRX High Row
  • Repeat for 4 more reps, completing 5 total

Pro tip: You can adjust your speed or angle to make it easier or more challenging. Avoid rounding your shoulders at the bottom and arching your back at the top. 

MOVE 2: TRX Lunge with Chest Fly

Miguel performing a chest fly

Strap setup: Mid-Length 

Your setup: Stand facing away from the anchor point. Hands are chest height, arms extended.

What it does: Works your balance and stability, combining upper and lower push movements.

How it works: 

  • Take a big step forward with one leg and lunge down, opening your arms into a T
  • Press into the handles and ground at the same time to return to start
  • Repeat with the opposite foot and complete 10 lunges total

Pro tip: Be mindful of the front knee on every rep (don't let it bend past your toes) and maintain core tension throughout the movement! 

Move 3: TRX Hamstring Curl

Miguel performing a hamstring curl

Strap setup: Mid-calf

Your setup: On your back on the ground. Feet face anchor point. Heels in the foot cradles.

What it does: Great for working your backside and overall core strength.

How it works: 

  • Raise your hips off the ground (or not). Keep your feet evenly pressed into the foot cradles. 
  • Bring your feet toward your glutes, pulling knees toward your waist. Keep your hips level. 
  • Reverse the motion to return to the start position. 
  • Try to hold the start and middle positions for a couple of seconds. 

Pro tip: Keep your head on the ground, always. To up the challenge, raise your hips off the ground and move further away!

Move 4: TRX Reverse Crunch

Miguel performing a reverse crunch

Strap setup: Mid-calf

Your setup: Hands and knees on the ground. Feet face anchor point. Feet in foot cradles. 

What it does: Great for your core and stability in your shoulders.

How it works: 

  • Rise up into a strong plank, lifting your legs and hips while driving your heels into the handles. 
  • Pull your knees toward your waist for a crunch.
  • Too challenging? Stay in a plank position and hold for a couple of breaths. 

Pro tip: Be careful not to round your shoulders on the crunch. And be mindful of your low back when your feet are extended. A strong and stable plank takes practice!

The best part about basics is 1) they work, 2) you can always make them harder or easier, 3) they’re the ultimate complementary moves, meaning you can add them to any workout without overdoing it on any one muscle. Or, of course, you can simply tie all these moves together into a HIIT workout by setting your reps (8 for beginners, 15 for a challenge), picking a time (15 minutes is solid), and then going as fast as you can. 

Stay on the lookout for more ideas next week. ‘Til, then, keep making moves. 💪


For ten years Miguel has been a key factor at TRX. Whether it’s teaching TRX classes at the flagship studio in San Francisco or presenting in front of hundreds of athletes at various trade shows around the world, Miguel delivers the ultimate TRX physical and education experience. When Miguel is not in front of a class he is either behind a camera shooting the latest and greatest TRX digital content, or working with the rest of the TRX education team to continue to meet the demands of this continually evolving fitness community.

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