TRX Sprinter Start with Chris Frankel

TRX Sprinter Start with Chris Frankel

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To get the most out of your TRX Training you must master the basic movement before you earn your progression, add on intensity, and take an exercise to next level. In this video, TRX Director of Human Performance, Chris Frankel demonstrates this concept with the TRX Sprinter Start.

Start with a solid standing plank, lining up your knees, hips and shoulders brace your core and squeeze your glutes. This plank is the end range of motion for this exercise you will return to this plank at the end of every rep. Step back with one foot to get into the TRX Sprinter Start position and then bring this leg forward to meet the other foot and reset your plank. This is the standard, master it before you move on and nail that plank at the top on every rep.

Once you have the basic movement down you can progress this exercise by driving the knee of the working leg up to pause for a brief single leg plank at the top, or progress further and let the working leg drive into a small hop at the end range of motion.The goal is to maintain control and master your level of progression with perfect form before you layer intensity on top of it. This is how the concept of earning your progression applies to the TRX Sprinter Start.

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