The Most Comprehensive Digital Workout Program Ever, Available for Everyone. Now with New Features and Our Four-Week Pull-Up Program

The revolutionary new TRX FORCE Super App works on any smartphone to let you workout anywhere, any time.

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This is the ultra-enhanced digital version of the comprehensive, 12-week TRX Tactical Conditioning Program used in all branches of the US Military.

$39.99 each

Information on how to download your TRX Super App.

The first TRX Training Super App ever created.

  • 12-weeks of workouts.
  • Extensive indexed exercise video library.
  • Randomized workout selector.
  • NEW: Share your workouts on Social Media.
  • NEW: Four-week pull-up prep program.

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“I am currently a scout sniper so fitness is a must. I saw the TRX and i was curious how well it would actually ...
Sgt. E.H
US Army, Afghanistan
“Fitness Anywhere, I just wanted to write to say how impressed I am with my TRX that I’ve had for 6 months now. ...
Battle Captain
US Army, Camp Echo, Iraq
“The TRX Force Training kit is an amazing tool that enforces functional fitness, a key component to combat readi...
Camp Lejeune
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TRX-optimized, integrated countdown timers:

Keep your workouts on track.

Randomized workout selector:

Mix it up and keep it fresh.

Benchmark tests:

Measure your progress and push your limits.

Extensive, indexed exercise video library:

Contains three different levels of progression for every exercise in the program (more than 70) to reference instantly during your workout.

Agility and conditioning drills:

Build athleticism.

Detailed reference section shows how to deploy the Program:

Perfect your form and earn your progression.


The ultra-enhanced digital 12-week Tactical Conditioning Program accessible anywhere on your Smartphone. All in a world class download so no streaming is required--it goes wherever you go.

Very nice app.
The app contains a wide variety of exercises, great set of clear explanations, and flexible set of progressions in various exercises. Great for gym workouts and home workouts.
I'm a Certified Personal Trainer and this app has surpassed my expectations.
It's a good start. I would like to see in the future release the possibility from the video to go to the next one as now I need to come back to the program to move to the next exercise and this is not an option when doing the exercises. At the beginning we don't know the name of the exercise. I also want to have a pre start beep like 3 sec before so I can get ready and same for encourage during the exercise like coach would do. It's a pricey app so it should offer that. Looking forward the next release
i have a ipad.
I really like the fact that you can view the videos of how to execute the exercises correctly.
So enjoying my TRX and working out at Breed Fitness
The product is great so far, only problem was in shipping the tracking number provided just did not track my order. When I emailed I received a response from some one who helped me. Then the tracking info was in either in Chinese or Taiwanese sorry using general terms. In other words hard to read and track.
very good kit, a very intense workout. i am very satisfied!
I'm so happy w/this purchase. I love the fact that my entire workout is laid out for me and I have it on my phone. Having an actual demonstration video is at my fingertips is great, if I need a quick refresher on how to perform something, it's right there. Watch, Learn ... and DO!
Awesome workout
thank you this is changing my life
TRX Force Super App Looks well organized, lots of options, can't wait to give it a try.
I would like to see the pictures on the side of the description.
I love it.
I never do reviews but I was so disappointed with this app I had to say something. The app needs voice commands and a way to just play the entire workout without stopping to look at your phone and hit start on each workout. I know it isn't designed to be an aerobic workout but the constant stopping keeps my heart rate from ever going up more than 20bpm. I guess I was expecting this to be more like circuit training or at least be able to use it like circuit training. I wish I could return it and get my money back. :-(
Good training program and comfortable to use app
Very good exercise, one week and I'm like it
Support is horrible and its just not designed to be used during a workout. Did the engineers even try to use that app as it was intended. I am trying to get a refund as I regret wasting $40 on this piece of junk!
Excellent app! Trully the best app of TRX exercises
good app
I gave this app a 3 because of the price of the app versus the functionality. It's a decent app, but for $40 I expect way more options. There are so many things that they could do with this app like maybe including an interval workout, lower body, upper body, being able to create your own workout, add music, etc. I do like the fact that each exercise has a demonstration and there are a lot of different moves. Had I known what this app included, I would've paid $10 tops.
Love it!
Like it! Easy to do it everywhere!
Absolutely thrilled with TRX 12 week program. I did the two free workouts for about 3 weeks before purchasing app. It was quite evident my core was extremely week but once through the pain (it took a while) I made great strides. I am two weeks into the full program with noticeable changes in appearance and strength. Historically, I have always maintained an athletic physique but the interval training TRX brings along with strength is unprecedented. Completely overwhelmed at the result!
This is an incredible app that encompasses the best of TRX. It offers a great total-body workout in just 45-60 minutes a day, 4 days a week. You never have to think about what to do or how long to do it for. Just follow the schedule in the app and do the workouts as scheduled. No more thinking about which muscle groups to workout or which exercises to do or how long to do them for. The app offers videos for every exercise to make sure you always know what you're doing. This is a little more expensive than the other TRX workout apps are, but this will be all you'll ever need. Highly recommend!
Easy to follow for a great workout. Timer makes it simple to get the reps and the videos ensures that your technique is on target.
Love having an ap that will take me through a program on a daily basis. I don't know if I am up for the entire workouts due to my age (53) and my lagging fitness levels BUT having a ready workout is motivating! At some point, I WILL be able to do it all!
Just started using this app, but I love it. Timers, videos, and most important - total body, great challenge at any level
Four stars for an excellent app. It's working stable & fast. For me as a TRX-beginner, it would be perfect, if the videos could played in a loop to always check to perform the exercise correctly.
good app best is a video of the different exercises
Great product! Love the pullup workout!
This app. is fantastic, all of the different workouts and the progression help me in my classes.
BEWARE!!! TRX Force app you can only use on 5 different devices and then you have to purchase again. I have T-mobile jump plan and go through devices quickly and i was surprised that I could not access the app on my new Galaxy S5. I talked to customer service and they didn't do anything about this situation! So if you doing this for the Force app you will have to spend $40 dollars every 5 devices you own. I almost think its a scam so they can make more money. This app should just be connected to your TRX account and just log in when you use it on the app. Not based on how many times you use it on a different device!! having a login and password would be more common but once again i think this whole 5 device thing is a scam to make you buy it again down the road. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!
great app but would like to be able to design my own work out
Great app and easy to use!
Make your body
it has been good so far. I really like the work out. Maybe I missed it but it shows to be a 4 day a week program so is it 1-4 days then rest 3? This was the only thing I was unclear on other then that it is great!
Necessary to add a time counter to the video !
Very easy to use and track, I like that it gives you full access to the exercises/vids/tutorials! The timer is a nice features as well. One suggestion I would make is to have other customization options to create your own program to track and to be able to take notes.
Terrific App
Excellent app, especially with the pullup regime. Would love to see it expanded to include other body area specific programs (eg legs). Would also like a keep screen on option
I use this app four times a week and it has changed my life. It is the best TRX app out there and I wear my iphone on a wrist strap during my workouts. It's just awesome. I would love the ability to creat my own workouts, not just use their randomizer. Please include this in an update and it would be perfect.
good app but if i bought the art force whyyyy no free app grgrgrg I'm no happy at all
Love this App! I had taken TRX class before with an excellent instructor so this was very easy to just hook up at the gym and to do. the built in timer is great as I dont have to moniter the clock for time and can focus on form. Finished the entire 12 week program earlier this year, will doit again, atleastonce, in 2014
Ok I see the complaints for the price. Yes it is expensive but it's actually a great app. Basically replaces the Force book. Every workout, ever exercise with video demo & explanation, built in timer for timed exercises. 4 stars because of the higher price, but the value is probably there. We are just used to paying next to nothing for apps.
it is really comfortable to be guided into the exercises and helped to keep the timing. Unfortunately, when I mark a session as complete, the App does not remember... so I have to keep track manually of what session I have to do next.. little problem and hopefully an easy solution is on the way