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This 30-minute, real-time challenges your abs, back, legs, chest and arms for a total body blast, an excellent addition to any strength and conditioning or endurance training program.


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From static planks to dynamic movements, this workout is ideal for anyone who wants to boost their functional strength, challenge their core and improve their mobility. This 30-minute, real-time download helps you develop and maintain a rock-solid foundation to reach your training goals. Whatever your fitness level, you'll find something new and interesting that you can apply to help build the core strength you need to perform better in sport and life. Are you ready to get after it?

PLEASE NOTE: This is the same workout as TRX TV: Core Strength & Mobility.

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Amazing workout! I'll definitely be doing this a couple times a week mixed in with my other TRX workouts. Being able to download it and put it on my iPad was a big plus.

I didn't get enough out of it. You only do a couple of reps per block. I was expecting a more fast paced, intense workout since it is only a 30 minute video.

I absolutely love TRX! To be honest, this was a blind buy. I saw some friends post about using TRX at the gym for their workouts and it really caught my attention. I've always preferred calisthenics over traditional weight training, but even going to the local park for bodyweight exercises isn't always convenient. Sometimes it's too hot or too cold, or it's raining, or there's too many kids playing there. With TRX, I am able to get a very intense workout in the comfort of my own home, much more effective than anything I've ever done at the gym or park. The two straps look really simple and the exercises look easy, but trust me, they are anything but. I bought this product absolutely blind without even so much as touching it before, but I have zero regrets because it's so amazing. If you love calisthenics like I do and want to exercise in the convenience of your own home, then definitely buy this product. You will not regret it.

Great workout - it nearly kills me so it is a love/hate thing...