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Develop sustainable energy for those long workouts with this TRX Endurance Athlete’s Workout. Build core endurance while preventing energy “leakage” and injury with this downloadable workout.


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You wouldn’t build a house on a weak foundation, so why would you expect to build your endurance around a weak core? The TRX Endurance Athlete’s Workout takes you through a scalable, 30-minute endurance workout that’s downloadable to your smart phone. It will help you build a stronger core, improve your movement patterns and improve your overall efficiency. It also includes 4 training tips (quick pointers to maximize your TRX workout), 4 featured movements (detailed breakdowns of a single exercise), 4 weekly sequences (to understand the science behind exercises) and a visual guide (PDF), all of which are easily downloadable to your mobile device.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the same workout as TRX TV: Condition to Win.

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This is a great workout to address one of the most important areas for an endurance athlete,the core. It a great challenge to go through twice!!!!

Dear TRX-Team, I really like the Suspension trainer and I love the improvement it means to my personal training and fitness. It is a really great product. Thanks a lot for your service and your work. As a physician I was first introduced to your suspension training system in medical rehabilitation in a professional environment and perfect ceiling anchoring. As I tried the system at home with only the possibility to use the door anchor, it became really limited. So I downloaded your video guides. First of all I couldn’t find a way to watch the videos in good quality. It is hardly possible to read the instruction at the beginning when I use the Windows media player or Adobe’s flash player or iTunes. The instructors and the athletes are in really good shape and the movements are perfectly done. Trying to follow the instructions at home, using the door anchor and not having perfect conditions the risk for injury increases a lot. So I really miss any instructions to use the suspension system in a proper and safe way at home. Thinking of elderly people or people after sickness or accidents it is hardly possible to follow your instructions and this is a real pity. Even for not perfect athletes it is hard to follow the instructions on time. And most of the patients I worked with in medical rehabilitation saw no way to use the system at home even after very good and individual instructions by physical therapists for weeks. Most of them disliked the limitations at home, the inadequate – for them inadequate - instructions and the fear of accidents and injury, even if they really liked the training during rehabilitation. So are there any instructions available to use the suspension trainer at home or as a not perfectly shaped athlete? Is there a general warm up instruction available before starting with any of the workouts, as there is no proper warm up in the videos? I am really looking forward to your answer and hope my feedback is a constructive one, as I really like and enjoy my work with the TRX suspension trainer. Thank you. Sincerely yours, Sebastian Koelling

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I have not downloaded anything yet guys so I can't review as I have not seen the order yet!