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Develop sustainable energy for those long workouts with this TRX Endurance Athlete’s Workout. Build core endurance while preventing energy “leakage” and injury with this downloadable workout.


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You wouldn’t build a house on a weak foundation, so why would you expect to build your endurance around a weak core? The TRX Endurance Athlete’s Workout takes you through a scalable, 30-minute endurance workout that’s downloadable to your smart phone. It will help you build a stronger core, improve your movement patterns and improve your overall efficiency. It also includes 4 training tips (quick pointers to maximize your TRX workout), 4 featured movements (detailed breakdowns of a single exercise), 4 weekly sequences (to understand the science behind exercises) and a visual guide (PDF), all of which are easily downloadable to your mobile device.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the same workout as TRX TV: Condition to Win.

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This workout is great to strengthen the core. The directions are precise which is helpful to a fairly new user of TRX.

Good workout !

Nothing fancy, but a solid, fast moving, hard ab workout. This video will be added to my collection of 30 minute video rotation.

Love this work out. Helps me focus on improving posture and body awareness. It is a good sweat using mainly core muscles, a good quasi rest day workout when you aren't feeling up to a high intensity, high impact workout.