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The Upgraded TRX FORCE Kit: Tactical, Our Most Advanced Workout System Ever

Our most durable trainer - complete with the TRX FORCE Super App.

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This Kit features our toughest, lightest Suspension Trainer, the 12-week TRX Tactical Conditioning Program and now includes the new ultra-enhanced TRX FORCE Super App that’s loaded with critical updates and added features.

$299.95 each
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Information on how to download your TRX Super App.

Peak Operational Readiness Anywhere, Anytime

  • The most comprehensive and effective conditioning program.
  • Developed from cutting edge science and direct feedback from the field.
  • Train in any environment, indoors or outdoors.
  • TRX FORCE Super App brings programming to your Smartphone.

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“I am currently a scout sniper so fitness is a must. I saw the TRX and i was curious how well it would actually ...
Sgt. E.H
US Army, Afghanistan
“Fitness Anywhere, I just wanted to write to say how impressed I am with my TRX that I’ve had for 6 months now. ...
Battle Captain
US Army, Camp Echo, Iraq
“The TRX Force Training kit is an amazing tool that enforces functional fitness, a key component to combat readi...
Camp Lejeune
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TRX FORCE: Tactical Suspension Trainer

Our toughest, lightest Suspension Trainer ever with easy to clean rubber handles and lightweight D-rings.

TRX Door Anchor

Turn any sturdy door into a training station.

TRX Door Placard

Train safe when you hang this “Workout in Progress” placard on your door.

TRX Suspension Anchor

Attaches to any sturdy anchor point such as a tree, fence, tactical vehicle or weight rack.

Ruggedized FORCE Guidebook

The printed version of the 12-week progressive TRX Tactical Conditioning Program contains two DVDs with three real-time workouts, an extensive video library with three levels of progression for 70+ exercises and pull-out exercise maps.

TRX FORCE Mesh Running Pack

Take your Suspension Trainer with you, anywhere, in this mesh running pack that doubles as a backpack.

TRX Xtender

Safely attach your Suspension Trainer to high, large or vertical anchor points.

The ultra-enhanced digital 12-week Tactical Conditioning Program accessible anywhere on your Smartphone. All in a world class download so no streaming is required — it goes wherever you go.

  • Extensive and indexed exercise video library: Contains three different levels of progression for every exercise in the program (more than 70) to reference instantly during your workout.
  • TRX optimized integrated countdown timers: Keep your workouts on track.
  • Randomized workout selector: Mix it up and keep it fresh.
  • Benchmark tests: Measure your progress and push your limits.
  • Agility and conditioning drills: Build athleticism.
  • A detailed reference section on how to safely deploy the Program: Perfect your form and earn your progression.
Product is solid and as advertised - excellent construction. TRX Force App is outstanding - a great fitness tool. Have used the suspension trainer more than the RIP trainer, and could not be more pleased. My only concern is the web site is a bit obtuse with its locked areas and information, even though I purchased the full package. Also, some of the web site videos do not stream smoothly. All in all, a superior fitness product, rapidly becoming a mainstay of my fitness program.
Works just as advertised. I did find the discount offered to "first responders" netted less savings than discount offered to general public. So look at the deals they are offering prior to submitting.
I love having the ability to take the TRX anywhere. Awesome conditioning and strength Training workouts.
It would have been nice to have had the TRX Xmount included. I had to go buy one. Other than that I love it. Would like to purchase another TRX PRO and the RIP Trainer.
Outstanding piece of equipment! A definite "strength" enhancer, really hits the twitch fibers and surrounding support muscles!
Awesome. Elegant in its simplicity! Always a great workout.
I expected improvement but this is insane!! I wear 35# of vest and gun belt at work. It used to wear me out at the end of the day. Operative word is "used" to. I am springy and feel nimble because all those stabilizer muscles are doing their job! This is only after two weeks! When I get to 12 weeks we will see how well it has done.
Great piece of equipment when you cant get to a gym love it..(:
Excellent workout -- challenging and fun. The posters and workout book are a fantastic guide to get you started.
The quality of the Force Tactical Kit is exceptional as are the workouts in the twelve week program.
Super unhappy, I have been given the run around and have not received what I paid for almost a month ago. All I get is excuses and will not refund me or next day air a new TRX trainer. I guess in trx's eyes the customer is always wrong and as long as they have your money they do not care that you never got your product. Thanks For scamming me TRX!
The TRX Force kit is great! The booklet of dvd's, charts of exercises and program to follow are very helpful in helping me get lean and strong!
Got the TRX Force kit about 2 weeks ago and I've been very impressed by the range of workouts available, also the apple app works perfect with the daily workouts! Awesome product, 100% worth the buy
Absolutely Loving It !!!
I've never done any sort of suspension training before, so I was a little skeptical when I hung my system. All it took was three sets of side planks for 10 seconds each for me to realize this was the real deal.
BUYER BEWARE So far my experience with this product and company has been anything but pleasant. After paying nearly $300, I can't even get a response from TRX to address my issues. I have emailed their customer service three times and tried to call twice. My emails have only received an automated response and my phone call (made during their posted business hours) were received by a message saying to call back later. I suppose they get you hook, line and sinker to buy the product only to leave you hanging if you need any support. The issues with the product that I have are the passcode provided to me for the TRX Force app does not work. I speculate that I likely received a returned product (probably from another unsatisfied customer!!) and the passcode was nullified and they did not provide a new one. The other issue I have is the link to the assessment testing ( is broken. As a matter of fact, there isn't even a website for, which makes me wonder if this company is just a fake?
Great Product.
Awesome product! Quality workmanship, easy to use and adjust, extremely versatile, as you can do dozens of different exercises with it. Video trainings are great. I can see TRX pushing a full-blown workout program (something like Insanity) in the near future. If that's so, you know I'm in!
Good quality unit with lots of extra accessories.
This is an amazing product. As increase my strength and made my work out all the better! I will highly recommend this to anyone and all my friends, thank you.
Well-constructed, sturdy, very versatile. Deciding the best place and way to mount it. My trainer who is a TRX certified, is going to help me with that
I am a cyclist and this is perfect equipment beside ridding ..
Great product!
Very high quality!
Arrived on time and works as expected. Top quality
The TRX Force has a rugged build and intelligent functionality providing for great workouts anywhere!!
I have been working out my entire life! In the past year, I've slowly built my home gym and the TRX was the final addition. I absolutely LOVE it! This is coming from a person who knows what they want and has literally seen every kind of home AND gym piece of equipment! I got the TRX Mount to go with my 'Tactical' Unit and seriously...couldn't be more happier with my 'investment' into the TRX system! What a difference it makes using your body weight as opposed to just working out 1 or 2 body parts like you would at the gym! It's a WHOLE other world! THIS IS WHAT BUILDS THE CORE AND REAL MUSCLE!!! Give it time and take it slow...mastering every move! You'll see great results!!! Thank you so much for inventing this for the home and ordinary people to use! EVERYONE should use this system!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!! Gregory B... Brooklyn, N.Y.
I really like the excellent quality and the wide variety of exercises possible with the Tactical TRX Force.
System seems really good overall, just wish there was a clamp or some type of device to attach at the top of a door frame without having to close the door. The app is GREAT! Great way to track your workout
Great TRX I dont like the book the original style was better
This is the best thing I have ever added to my workout.
Awesome product. Very well thought through. The force workout plan is essential for the effectiveness of the product. I would highly recommend using this product for overall health and fitness. Packs up easy for travel and you don't have a basement full of equipment that you don't use.
Great system to workout with at home.
The more I use my Tactical TRX the more I'm loving it. The options, exercises and benefits seem limitless. Great product. Too pricey but That's the only complaint.
Great product currently on week 4 of 12 week program. Only negative thing is the handle portion seems to be slightly larger than other TRX systems. Not a problem until feet are placed into handles.
It's a great quality product that keeps getting better.
Would really like to see videos that goes thru each workout for the 12 week program
Great Customer service. Great product. I've been using it for my wife and myself and also to help train youth athletes. Could not be happier with the product. I absolutely would recommend anyone to buy this product.
Great great product. I use it indoors and outside. LOVE IT!
I love the TRX system. Delivery was fast. I'm very pleased with both the product and the customer service. Highly recommended.
Amazing product. I own several other brand named suspension training systems, and the TRX Tactical System is the best by far. The quality and durability of the this system is well worth the extra money. I do wish it was more affordable, but I am still completely satisfied with the purchase of this product. I highly recommend this system to my friends and family members and I will definitely purchase another system once I wear this one out.
Excellent equipment! Using it is a vital part of my day. Simple and effective.
With multiple vertebrae issues in my neck and lower back, I was reluctant to try TRX. After having both knees replaced 3 years ago I lacked the right equipment to get back all my stability. I watched Sam Estrada work with his clients at JBLM and decided to try the workout. It has given my feet, my core, and upper body the workout I needed and my knees have tolerated it well. TRX works for me.
Well built, easy to use at home, Great Workout. Shipping was fast and setup was well explained.
Excellent product. I have been using for 2 years. My strength and fitness meet or exceeds levels I had 25 years ago. Recently upgrade to the tactical version. I like the rubber handles. The workout app is excellent, especially when traveling on business.
made from good light materials, I can mount it anywhere I want and its very compact so I can carry it where ever I want
I give the fairly low rating of 3 stars to the equipment itself. After all,it's only 2 tie-down straps with a D ring and two bike grips. However, the pt program; the exercises and planned training phases are where this system pays off. The knowledge of physiology and total body training is evident in the total workout warning; it's easy to cheat, easy to half ass it and blow through workouts. Even easier to throw the bag in the corner and not do it at all. If your not a self motivator this won't work. Sign up at a gym so someone with a clip board and a stop watch can hold your hand and walk you through your work out.
The TRX force is awesome! I love the portability, and the app that came with it. I have been using the TRX and the app for a week now, and I can already see that I am stronger.
The single most versatile piece of gym equipment on the market. Love it!
Fast delivery and great prodouct!!!
It is made vary well. Beware of the counter fit products that look the same. I have not fired up the app yet but I am stoked to try it. I will do the L1 Course this month in my area.
My only complaint is that we aren't able to buy separate components and must buy the entire kit. This replaces a 2nd generation TRX that finally wore out. I only needed the trainer itself as all the accessories were still good. Plus, I'd already purchased the TRX Force Military Workout program. I was told by customer service that, if I only wanted the trainer, I could purchase the regular yellow system. That defeats the purpose of the subdued coloring of the Force. I did get the military discount, which is much appreciated, but now I have $100 worth of accessories I really don't need. That said, the equipment is great and I believe in the suspension training concept.
Great product! Easy to use and clearly very durable.
I have been using my TRX Force kit with the iPhone app and I must say that this is a great workout, the setup is perfect for me as I can train anywhere at anytime. I'm always on the move in the Military, I don't need the gym because this TRX Force kit makes the world officially my gym! Hooyah!!
Excellent product and the app makes the overall experience that much better! I highly recommend TRX!
Only reason this got a 4 out of 5 stars is I think for the price you pay you should also get a TRX Force Tactical shirt. I got the TRX Force: Tactical to help build myself up in the United States Army. I have had it for about two weeks solid now and have been taking the TRX Force class here on base. It is a great tool and all the extra goodies you get make it even better. Though pricey, I highly recommend it to Soldiers looking to take their Physical Training to the next level. With the military discount you can't go wrong. The Tactical Conditioning Program is a great start to get use to the TRX Force system. You'll be sweating within a matter of minutes when you start your first workout and build yourself by "Making Your Body Your Machine!"
Excellent piece of kit, high quality components and construction.
WOW what a durable piece of equipment! Love that it's portable in its own pouch. I ruck everyday with my dog and one of the things I put in my 10L rucksack is the TRX pouch and system for added weight (every bit counts!). I started using this a few weeks ago and re-awakened muscles I hadn't used in years. I'm loving the soreness from working my entire body using my own body weight. The software application I downloaded is great too when I need to see proper form. The cards are great for on-the-go training as my visual reminders. I'm loving this system and will be taking it with me when I'm traveling on the road alot and always with me when rucking. I'm glad I finally bought this TRX after years of debate. I've gifted all my other fitness equipment since I'm into functional fitness anyway and TRX is my only piece of workout gear. FAST shipment too! Package arrived undamaged and gear is minimally packaged in its own box. Perfect for when I relocate. Thanks! I know when others see me training in the arctic they'll want one too :) PS I’m in my 50s and want to optimize my health with this system. TRX FORCE ROCKS!!!!
Originally purchased the TRX for travel but after getting such incredible pumps I've incorporated into my daily routine. And the ab training is second to none on these!!!
This kit is AWESOME!!! It's portable to take with me to work and on trips. The quality is top notch. The mobile app is also a plus.
Love the progressions and the pull-up program! Great workout, love the design! The App is AMAZING!!
This is an excellent product. Quality is very good, and it comes with everything you need. The workouts -- particularly the phone app -- are top-notch. Truth be told, these workouts looked pretty easy. I have been working out hard-style for a number of years, but let me tell you this: I'm pretty sore the day after my TRX workouts. Looks like the many angles this works, along with the instability of the device are proving to be a really great addition to my program. Good going!
Can be used anywhere Strong Easy to operate Excellent integration between coaching program, DVD videos and software tablet Exercise with connection door quite limiting
i didn't star yet but every thing is good
This is a very good product but there no place strong enough to anchor it to in my home, I currently use it in my barn until I can fix a place strong enough to anchor to i9n my home.
Thank you for the opportunity to purchase the TRX Force on a Father’s Day special. I am 68 years old and I have been watching the TRX for about 3 years now, but the budget would not allow me to buy one. I even made my own by watching Youtube. Although it was fairly functional, it did not adjust very fast and was not really comfortable on the feet loops. Because of these reasons, I did not use it as often as I should have. Since I purchased the TRX Force, I have used it every day for gaining mobility and stretching the whole body. In the short time I have been using it faithfully, I have seen a tremendous improvement in mobility of my arms and legs and a big increase in my balance, plus a definite improvement in my core strength. I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in toning up their body or even increasing overall strength.
Just started the workout plan and was very impressed on the first day
Great product. Looks awesome in the military green.
Excellent system. Very complete workout.
I had been using the professional model at work gym and purchased the tactical model to accommodate working out anytime I wanted without requiring a lot of equipment. The workout program and the device have far exceeded my expectations. The professional model was good, but the tactical is so much better. Quality is top notch. Unit is much lighter. Also the larger foot loops a great for those face down moves ( easier to turn over and allow stirrups to achieve desired position. Professional model loops were smaller and my sneaks would sometimes get hung up on the rotation. Only suggestion would be a graphic depicting how to short the straps for pull-ups. No big deal, having some climbing experience helped figure out the deal in a few minutes of experimentation. Great Job!
TRX Force Trainer is adding dynamic exercises to my training and has allowed for gains in just a few short weeks of hard work. I like to incorporate it into my workouts with a superset format. I feel like it really compliments that type of workout because you move immediately from strength to high reps of stabilization and with TRX Force your core is challenged by every movement. I haven't looked into the CD or booklet yet but I will be expanding on what I can do with the TRX Force Kit, as I go. Well worth the pay especially with the fathers day discount that I purchased it with.
Great product
TRX Suspension training is wicked awesome!!! Definitely loving the TRX Force kit! The app is very easy to use and the videos are very helpful!
Great quality, free app, good packaging, high price (especially due to transport to EU + VAT&duty)
The TRX Force is a fabulous piece of equipment. I am 64 year old physical therapist who has lectured throughout the world about exercise and joint protection. TRX is the most versatile and effective exercise tool I have ever encountered. Damn! I wish I had thought of it. It's great!
Vraiment utile et plaisant a utiliser! L'opportunité de s'entrainer n'importe où est génial.
Love the TRX tactical. I have just started training with it and already have seen improvement with my overall strength. I love the concept of using your own body weight.
Everything about this product is awesome! The guidebook and pull out charts are extremely helpful sides to the DVD. I love the quality of the TRX products and this is no exception!
I am PERFESSIONAL STUNTMAN and former MMA fighter, just went major leg surgery and I have to tell you the TRX, has really saved my life as far as training goes, I am also a CPT and this works well with my clients
Purchase and shipping went smooth and quick.
My gear did not (yet) get to me, as delivery was not in time. This can happen. But no reply from support to three kind emails to explore alternatives is just very disappointing. Maybe they are still working on a delivery solution?
Great design and a rugged build. The TRX FORCE Kit: Tactical will be a standard in our workout routines. We are just starting the 12 week program and are very enthusiastic about it! The Force App for the phone is going to be a great tool, especially for beginners whom may not know what each of the excercises are. The videos will definately prove to be of great value.
really great product love how challenging it is and that you can take it anywhere you go :).
Superb construction with excellent anchoring options. Quality is truly top-notch. Of course, you'll get out of it what you put in, but after trying a couple different knock-offs I decided to take the plunge and pay for the real thing. I am definitely NOT disappointed at all. This is worth every penny. Built to take real punishment!
It was great. It was better then I had expected which was already a pretty high standard.
Great product. Really gives a unique workout. New tactical upgrade makes the product much easier to use.
We are very pleased with our new TRX Force kit: tactical. I have the old version and I appreciate the new features and upgrades.
I love it very durable you can take it anywhere and the app is a big help. One my best investments I've ever made.
System itself is 5 star but the fact that I cant access the dvds and the App are disappointing.
What an amazing addition to any workout routine. Stores out of the way in a space smaller than a gallon of milk and the workout you get is intense. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to train but doesn't have the space for tons of expensive gym equipment.
Had these when I deployed. Love these!!
An excellent product that does what it claims. Well made. Offers a lot of potential. You can start easy and really build up.
Love my TRX Trainer. The best piece of workout equipment.i have purchased. TRX not only strengthens my total core, but gives me the confidence to do more than I ever thought possible. Thank you for such a great product!
wonderfull product
The military suspension is better than I hoped for. I have already begun the 12week program. Awesome !!! Now will look to advance my skill and be an instructor . Thanks
Great unit,really works the core.
This my second TRX Tactical. A number of features I like on the new model. Rubber handles- big plus. Better, lighter adjusters. Thumb loops. Back pack. The app is fantastic !! Would like to buy another - just the trainer- to add to my training area. Buy it. ! Never disappointed with a TRX product.
Ordering and receipt of the TRX was a breeze! I live in Macau China. The Tactical app is awesome and I am using already. TRX allows me to work out with my busy schedule and stay home and be with the family. I can get a great sweat on while the kids are there with me. Perfect
I love the versatility of my TRX Force. I travel frequently for work, and I no longer need to search for hotels with decent fitness rooms because I can throw my TRX Force in my bag and I've always got it.
I've had this product since January 2014 and Love It! Being a post back surgery patient with a double fusion, this system allows me to get a quality workout and maintain a level of fitness without compressing my back!
Love the product. Still haven't started the training program but looking forward to it.
Very well put together product. Being a stickler on attention to detail being ex military, it was obvious to me the instant I opened the box that every detail of this product was scrutinized to give the highest satisfaction. From the packaging, to the highly detailed setup instructions, to the meticulously thorough 12-week program guide; it all gave the impression of a highly polished device. Very very pleased.
Great product for the wife and i to use at home or when traveling
I am a bartender currently working on opening up my own bar. I have always been in shape and active, but nothing compares to my TRX. I used to go to the gym specifically to use the TRX, but I quit my gym, bought my TRX and the rest has been history. I get up every morning, run, then throw the TRX over a tree, wrap it around a pole, what ever I can find and get my full body work out in for the day. My mind feels clear, my strength is constantly increasing, and not to mention I'm loosing weight. NOTHING compares to a TRX. It is the single greatest fitness product any one can buy. It is truly a life changer. Thank you TRX Team.
Love this. What a great tool to use when working out. This thing has a ton of uses.
At this point I couldn't, tell you how I like the product since it still has yet to make it to me. It would have saved me money and time to ship it to the states and then have it sent over to me in a care package. Very sad the 60 in shipping did nothing for me deployed
Great and quality product overall. Awesome for staying fit on the road.
Best piece of training equipment I've ever purchased!
Great product, the quality is remarkable and the workout possibilities are endless. Great product. The included training program makes this product worth every dollar! Will post more as I progress my workout.
I'm 48 and fit. I've been working out off and on since I was 23 and in the USAF. Currently I'm an epee fencing coach teaching 3-4 classes weekly as well as fencing recreationally. I've done all kinds of workouts from standard calisthenics and weight training to the more modern video workouts with Power 90 and P90X among others. TRX and the Force workout is by far the safest, most intense, all around body, fitness, *CORE* building system I've ever used. It is so adaptable to every level of personal fitness and is truly as hard as you make it. Comparing the TRX Force and the TRX Pro equipment (my friends have TRX Pros), the Force cradles are bigger. This would be for using with boots I figure. I work out at the gym and at home and it's truly pack and play equipment. This would be great equipment for business travelers to maintain a standard routine. The included videos are good and the Force workout download to iPad works great to keep workouts on track. This is an awesome product!
love it versitile..i can wrk outside or in..i hookit up at LA Fitness...i use it at home & most important i can tk it with me on the road...& cont. my same workout with out missing a beat
TRX Force Kit Tactical has been the best investment into my personal fitness that I have made in many years. I have tried strength, cardio, interval, and barbarian workout and have not gotten near as much results from them as I have in a month of TRX Force training. I am getting all of what I mentioned above plus so much more. I feel more energized when playing with my kids, I feel more alive, and functioning on all cylinders at work. I have not gotten the six pack abs back yet, but with this workout and changes in my eating I'll be there soon enough. But for now I am completely satisfied with being able to give my family all of me instead of what's leftover from a long day of work and serving others. This is what real fitness is about to me. Thanks Team TRX!!!
Luv my TRX tactical!
"My Only Regret is not buying this sooner..... I've been on an amazing fitness journey over the last year and a half-P90X/P90X2/LesMills Combat have brought me from a 210 pound smoker w/ emphysema and an extreme fast food junkie to a Healthy 174lb nonsmoking, extremely fit Fitness Junkie !!! I find myself wanting to learn more and more about fitness; I was looking to go to the next level , and began researching TRX 6 months ago!! Truth be told I was a little nervous that I was not ready for it!, I bit the bullet a few weeks ago and purchased the Tactical Force-my only regret is I did not get it sooner!! I absolutely love the TRX Tactical and the App is just perfect for someone like me always on the move and I am definitely not a gym person!! TRX Tactical fits in w/ my lifestyle and really compliments my P90X2 workouts!! My goal for this next year is to become P90X and TRX Certified!! I honestly believe TRX Tactical will get me there!! Thank you TRX for the inspiration!! One last note to anyone on the fence about their fitness level and purchasing the TRX-Just Do It - The "TRX" is perfect for all fitness levels!!
I've had an original TRX for a couple of years now & love it, no reason to think any less from the new one.
The quality of this product has improved a lot, and I think the former one was high quality alredy!
Who the hell needs to go to the gym when you can get better results in about half the time. Of course if you think you want muscels to exhibit go to gym and lift barbells.But if you like to have real power go and use the TRX.
A great investment to get in shape or augment and existing workout. Fantastic for travelers that want to maintain fitness.
I love this equipment. I bought it while I was in Iraq. It was great we could take it anywhere and get a great work out even if we werent near the gym.
The greatest workout equipment !
I've used TRX at a local boot camp for a couple of years and love it. I recently purchased the Force Kit and have only used it a little bit, as I am in the final week of Insanity, which is also an amazing workout! Anyway, I did not see specific information regarding the pre-test. Anyone know where I can find it? I want to be able to track my progress and compare before and after, etc. Thank you.
I like very much it
Nice one
Rubber handles for grip. Upgraded nylon to make it last longer, and a 12 week Tactical Conditioning program to get you ready for all of you physical tasks in life.
greatest workout equipment i have bought i years. it hits all the muscles
i love it. but why is the foot cradles so big. i'm slipping tru all the time:( what do i do about that?
I would HIGHLY recommend this website to purchase your TRX!..I just received mine yesterday.. Professional speedy delivery...packaged nicely...quality product...superb pricing...what more can one ask for?..I can't wait to use it!...I showed my trainer yesterday and he and I think the "New TRX Force" is SLAMMIN'...Thank you so much....You will for sure hear from me again!...Happy New Rear....Hehehehe I mean year Sincerely, Debbie~~
Cpl Gilligan USMC
I agree with 'gilligan' and oddly enough my last name is Gilligan as well. The men in the field and the folks at home don't need CD's software issues. ect PLUS the environmental impact for the unit as a whole would be significant less. Making a iTunes download would allow for greater membership through gyms across the pond and in some tent in Afghanistan.. or just as easily in a gym where the straps are used by a TRX certified trainer maybe? I think highly on the product and the methodology to getting a fuller core workout without hurting your body. I thing the bag was a cool catch.. Might you consider a more durable bag.. and or sewing MOLLE attachment points so you can fixup pockets for gloves, towels, water, ect~ and Making a durable attachment loop reinforced so this whole bag can be tacked into a bunch of gear on the outside of a vehicle with a carabiner.
The program looks great (just 2 days into the 12-week program). I especially like the mobility program, which is stressed a great deal. The newer unit is definitely improved and I look forward to using it for many years to come. Keep the new programs and products coming. TRX is really on the "cutting edge" of training. Both my wife and I love your products.
Thomas Koo
I have the P1, P2 and P2 Force so this is by far the best yet. I love the new look and the backpack that it comes with. The most obvious upgrades are the rubber handles, which reduces the wear and tear, and the weight.
This new FORCE Kit is incredible. The big changes in this "home gym" are that the Suspension Trainer has a lot of upgrades, and there's a new full blown 12 week workout program. The TRX Suspension Trainer itself is lighter, comes with slicker, easier tabs for adjusting and also really durable rubber handles. The Kit also came with a 12 week workout program and DVDs to help get started. It's a BIG workout program that gets harder over time as your body gets stronger. Pretty impressive and every exercise is on video as well as in the book. Kit comes with a door anchor for working out at home, and anchors so you can take it outside to the gym or anywhere, just like they say. OH! And also it comes with a cool little carry bag. I love to run and then train, so it's great for me to use the little backpack and run w/ my TRX. It has pockets for your keys and iPhone. All in all, it's pretty slick and definitely worth the money if you're serious about working out. This will take care of you for the next few years at least.
This equipment and system would best be served and presented in a Application and made available on iTunes Health and Fitness. Then I would not need the DVD, Phase Booklet. instructions or any updating mailed or printed for me. Consolidation of items, lower cost presented in a simplified but Quality package. I would pay $99.00 for the straps and bands, and up to $9.99 for the App. Resulting in lighter streamlined travel and accessibility.