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Keep your clients coming back for more with this killer TRX combo.

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Product Information

Turn your training business into a TRX powerhouse with the new, ultra-durable, commercial-grade TRX PRO Suspension Trainer and the TRX Rip Trainer. This functional training super pack enables you to deliver your clients strength, cardio and flexibility that will keep them coming back session after session. This bundle also features all of the anchoring options you need to train your clients anywhere.

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Bundle Contains:

  • TRX Pro Suspension Training Kit with adjustable foot cradles
  • Trainer Basics download
  • 6 module Suspension Training workout downloads
  • 2 Additional Suspension Training workout downloads
  • TRX Rip Trainer
  • 30-minute real-time Rip Training Workout
  • TRX Fusion Workout with Coach Dos Download


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So, I am new to training to health and my Personal Trainer showed me these products and I decided to help us both out and buy the professional based on my study of the products and the services that will be offered plus I will share the items with the trainer and they will be used in the gym so the guarantee was a must. That being said, my review will be mostly about the service provided. Off the bat, I ordered on a Wednesday and I am writing the review of the products since they arrived today, FRIDAY. So my hats are off to the shipping provider used and the quickness of handling the order. I must say I am an Amazon Prime customer but the little extra cost of shipping for me was well worth it, specially since it ships from to Canada and I am in Puerto Rico. The TRX Pro has a much superior quality than the original, which is not to say it will work better. But for the extra price the sturdiness of the construction and durability is noticeable. Packaging was on spot, no dent boxes and the products are new and well presented. I have some cons of course. The RIP did not include a beginners guide. although it has a great manual to use it and the online included resources are great, the TRX PRO included a quick setup guide which lacked in the RIP trainer. I also would have preferred and different resistance band for the RIP. Yes I bought the bundle, but buying it alone should include this option, specially when buying directly. As for the TRX the handles are awesome and the included items to mount are great BUT they don't fit inside the satchel. And if a personal trainer would have to carry this around he will already need to use a small bag or toss the other items in there equipment bag since it won't fit inside the satchel with the TRX. This may lead to unnecessary wear and tear, loss of the smaller add on items or having them misplaced when arriving in the home of a client or worse moving from Gym to Gym. Aside from that I have nothing really horrible to say. Yes they seem pricey but I have used the competition and the quality more than outweighs the price. And I've used the basic and original so an upgrade is more than welcomed moving forward.

Well built equipment as I have always been able to rely on from TRX. The Rip Core adds many new dimensions to my workouts and I look forward to exploring it fully over the next few months.

A complete fitness center in a smal bag, just perfect!

Top Equipment for various full body Workouts. The RIPtrainer adds a lot of options for exercising those myofascial trains crossing your body. Especially working in fascial structure can be done in a bouncing way that I find to be highly efficient