The TRX Rip Trainer Basic Kit

The essential tool for anyone looking to strengthen their core.

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The Rip Trainer employs an innovative resistance cord system to create a variable, unbalanced load that enables you to develop core strength, explosive power, flexibility and endurance. The Rip Trainer is easily portable and can be used by virtually anyone anywhere by attaching it to any secure anchor point.

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The TRX Rip Trainer Delivers Fast, Effective Results

  • Get a full-body workout with just one, easy to set up piece of equipment.
  • Build core strength with rotational movements that mirror the way you move in sport and in life
  • Burn calories and increase cardiovascular endurance
  • Challenge your core with asymmetric loads

What fitness professionals are saying about TRX Rip Training:

”The TRX is awesome. It helps me with my core and helps me stay lean, rather than getting bulky.”
Dahntay Jones
Denver Nuggets
“I, like many other triathletes, have limited time. I am not your typical professional athlete that eats, sleeps...
Tyler Stewart
"Thanks to the TRX, I got some really great workouts with my contestants this season. Watching them be challenge...
Bob Harper, Trainer
The Biggest Loser

TRX RIP Training Kit Includes:

TRX Rip Trainer:

Burn fat, build core strength, and develop rotational power, anywhere.

Medium Resistance Cord:

20 pounds of resistance that provides the perfect challenge for almost all fitness levels.

Safety Strap:

Train safe.

Carrying Bag:

Take your Rip Trainer anywhere.

The Rip Trainer gives you everything you need to train to your peak:

  • 25-page booklet contains 18 exercises to kick-start your Rip Training
  • 30-Minute, Real-Time Workout
  • 30-Minute Lacrosse Workout
  • Set Up & Use Instructions
  • Safety Information: Learn how to use your Rip Trainer safely
love my RIP trainer
Great workouts specific to my requirements for a golf specific work regime.
This product is awesome, and a great compliment to the TRX suspension trainer. I am an Ironman triathlete and these functional exercises have helped me become stronger from the core when I swim, bike, and run. I Highly recommend this product for anyone looking to improve core strength and stability.
A perfect performer. Allows all weight lifting exercises in a mobile, easy to store platform. Highly recommend!
So far it has been incredible!!!!
Utilized it several times trying to build a program to increase lacrosse skills.
Rip trainer is another excellent product by TRX!
Great piece of equipment, clients love it!!!!!
I love my RIP trainer. I have it in my car at all times, when I go for long walks I can take it out using a tree or fence post as an anchor. I can have a complete workout in the great outdoors.
I bought the RIP trainer about a week ago and I have used it with all my athletes. my trainees have felt a difference on their work, and I have received a great deal of feedback from them as well... great buy!!!
Love this!!!
The package came faster than expected. The socks feel great and the RIP trainer feels solid. We will see how solid in the next few months.
Great product!
excellent product
I love my rip trainer. It's a great all around work out and involves all planes of movement.
Easy to get fit anyplace!
Great piece of equipment
What an amazing piece of workout equipment. I thought the TRX suspension ropes were awesome, the rip cord is amazing!
It's a fun piece of equipment to add to my workouts. I need more time learning the technique
Just what you would expect from TRX! great workout that will combine resistance training and a great cardio workout. Very easy to pick up. TRX principles apply. I lift frequently so ordered the heavy resistance band even though I'm a small person. Haven't used it yet since it's only been two weeks. Will move up to heavy next week. Did hook caribeaners to the ends to make swapping bands easier. Make sure you use a heavy one as I snapped a 75 test easily. Wish there was an app like TRX Force to go with Rip-Trainer. I really love it. Getting lots of looks at the gym where I hook it up after lifting.
Really glad that I bought the TRX Rip trainer! Great quality item: weighted bar is well balanced and grips are very comfortable. I'm so happy that the Rip comes with an exercise library download. The lacrosse workout is quite challenging. I wish that my TRX suspension trainer would have included it, as well. Rip trainer is HIGHLY recommended.
The Rip Trainer is a terrific supplement to the Suspension Trainer. I was surprised how sore I was after the first session--definitely works your muscles in a different range of motion. Will look forward to working my way up to the "heavy" cord.
The rip trainer is awesome.
The Rip Trainer totally kicks my butt. And the lacrosse training program that TRX built is taking my son's LAX game to a whole new level. We have two and it's a blast to train together on them!
love it. the resistance is tougher than i expected!
Works great, just a little on the pricey side for such a simple piece of equipment.
I am the average American father. This means: a little overweight; with a job; a wife; two kids; and dogs. I also happen to be a firefighter. The thought of core exercises fit with the needs of my job nicely. The TRX RIP trainer has met and exceeded my expectations. It is easy to use, and it does not take up a bunch of room that I don't have to store it. It travels well to work and back home. I hit the guys at work with it and watched their giggles turn to groans mid way through the exercise routine. Great product. More routines for it would be appreciated though. Thanks TRX.
Love it even more than TRX Suspension trainer. Rip Trainer rocks!!
Love the RIP trainer. It's fun and it works! My core is in the best shape of its life! Now if only they had more DVD workouts available.
Would be better if the kit came with a light resistance band. Much more versatile.
This product is amazing!! With the possibility of a Zombie apocalypse I need to make sure my sword fighting skills are in top condition. I was searching for something to help my training and let me tell you this product does it! I train hard every day waiting for them. I now can say that I feel confident that when the zombies come I can take them on. They are no challenge for me thanks to the TRX Rip Trainer
Have been using TRX Suspension for a while, and recently added RIP Trainer to the tool pool. Both TRX Suspension and RIP comes handy as I perform my duties offshore aboard a Vessel. I always find anchor points to attach the TRX's to. The two tools complement each other perfect, additional with a rolling andpitching vessel, the motion adds a twist to the exercises
I have been weight training for four years and TRX suspension training for 2 years. This year I added Rip Training. Rip is such a compliment to my routines. It's a great addition to my toolbox and it's taking off the last 5 pounds faster than any one type of training.
I have never been through a workout like it! it is the perfect pairing to the TRX suspension trainer.
Tried this equipment out for the first time with my trainer and could feel the immediate effectiveness. It is my new favorite.
I purchased it as soon as it came out and saw the preview video because I'm a huge fan of the TRX. I'm a personal trainer and love training my clients on the suspension trainer. The TRX requires more balance, form, and technique, but lacks in power rotational movements. So the Rip Trainer is the perfect reciprocal. It's really filled the gap for my partner training sessions: with one doing more isolated muscle movements on the TRX and then the other doing more powerful/explosive driven movements on the Rip Trainer. This can greatly improve a baseball or hockey player's swinging power or firefighter's swing when using forcible entry tools. - Overall another great product for any fitness enthusiast like myslef
Yuzo Yamada
I've been using the RIP trainer for a few weeks now, and I personally feel that it is simply one of the best tools out there. Its versatility to create new workouts merely by changing hand placements is fun to work with, and allows you to be more dynamic with your workouts. The best thing, for me, about the RIP trainer is its FUN factor coupled with its intensity. I've been a fan of TRX since their original suspension trainer, but I actually like the RIP trainer better. I usually take my TRX Suspension Trainer outdoors to use it just because I need all the space I can get. But with the RIP trainer (if you are crafty like me) you can utilize a smaller space to your advantage. I heart anything intense, and I feel that the RIP is perfect for someone like me, or anyone looking to have more fun with their exercise program. FITNESS at its best~ PS: CUSTOMER SERVICE is #1. My complaints have been answered with flying colors! Thanks Lauren :)
David Wernick
My clients and I have found the medium resistance cord to be too light for most exercises, so I purchased a heavy and X-heavy cord. However, the eye bolt is too small to make swapping the cords and easy process. I now use my Gray Cook cable bar instead of the Rip Trainer, because the eye bolt is bigger, and it is very easy to change the resistance cord. And the grip on the cable bar is very good. If I were to do it over again, I would only buy the resistance cords from TRX and use the Cook cable bar.
Rip Trainer is a great product. The included book, workout, and dvd are not of the quality TRX normally provides, in my opinion. Seems hastily put together. (I've got the Suspension Pro kit, original Force kit, new Force kit, and various posters and workouts).
This is the exact training modality that I used, prior to the "actual release" of the Ripped Trainer product. I was one of the first to be certified by TRX in 2007, and find the unit (as I have owned at least 8 myself, training goups and more). I am impressed by the direction that TRX has taken, professionally and with the scope of biomechnical soundness. I have acheived and hold steady to keeping a tight and lean body, year round. It is my selling point with my business, and this body could not be built, at this present time, with any other modalities but the; TRX, JC bands, Pilates reformer and Kettlebells. THANK YOU TRX!!!
Steven Weinstein ,ISSA Master Trainer
I have been involved in the fitness industry for many years. I am a master trainer and currently hold over 15 certifications. Before I utilize any piece of equipment with a client , I incorporate it into my personal training sessions and evaluate it. THE RIP TRAINER ROCKS! It is everything I have come to expect from TRX, Simpicity,Quality,Reliability, and exceptional biomechanics in exercise program design. I have incorporated it into my personal workouts alternating between the Rip Trainer and a TRX Suspension Trainer. The result: THE BEST WORKOUT I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. It will blow you away.
John Le Cato
I've used this tool as an augmentation to the routines I'm currently using and for some of my clients it has been an integral part of their success. I've used it extensively myself and the results are inspiring. It is a fun alternative to what most people are used to and the results will speak for themselves with all body types and conditions.
Rick Monkerson
Quick and honest review of the TRX RIP Trainer is as follows: Compared to TRX Suspension Trainer? No contest. The Suspension Trainer is a game changer, a home run. The Rip Trainer is a decent product, maybe a single or lightly hit double. But at the end of the day these 2 products are not even comparable and should not be priced in a manner that suggests so. Exercise Variety? Average. As a Personal Trainer with 10+ years of experienced, I've been able to write a list of nearly 100 exercises. Much different from the 18 basic (and mostly useless) exercises TRX includes in their little packet to you. Bottom line, you need to be an experienced fitness professional to learn how to use this product to it's fullest. Sport Specific Training? This is where the value is. A great tool for sport specific athletes. On the flip side, those who are not athletes take a LONG TIME to coach through proper usage of this device, as their non-athletic movement patterns do not mesh with this product. Value? Not there. This is a $50 product. The Suspension Trainer is overpriced, but at least provides the value. I've bought several of them for my gym. I understand going in each time that I'm buying $20 worth cables I could make myself, but the Suspension Trainer is worth it. With the RIP Trainer, the price is abysmal and I would never purchase another one for my gym. One is plenty. Group Training? No. It takes up too much space, and is dangerous when being used due to the swinging/pushing/pulling and violent nature of the movements. You can't have people around the exerciser.
Trainer Troy
The TRX Rip Trainer helps you move from foundational training gradually into training techniques that are functional at any fitness level. The Rip Trainer is exactly what I needed for myself as well as my clients! As a long time Fitness Therapist/Trainer and owner of some of the most challenging aspects of my career have always been overcoming the infamous PLATEAU while adhering to the belief that functional fitness is the key to health and our overall well being. Everyone dedicated to fitness at some point experiences a plateau, and in knowing this I design macro cycles using a principal I call the PREDICTED PLATEAU Principal. The principal is based on numerous factors, SAID Principal, Individual Differences Principal, outcomes based goaling, current fitness level and constant body composition statistics monitoring. These key factors may help to predict a plateau as well as help determine how one will adapt to new exercises however, in some cases seeing a plateau coming or knowing what exercises the body has been trained to accept isn't enough and the professional trainer has to be ready! Thanks to The TRX Rip trainer I no longer consider plateauing an issue and I always look forward to seeing the look in my clients eyes when measurement day comes! I say this with the utmost honesty and respect for the industry as well as for people who need fitness in their lives. TRX Rip Trainer is the answer to the plateau, 100%! The TRX Rip Trainer is Functional Fitness! You never feel unnatural, adaption happens gradually over a long period of time, you feel you can always do one more rep, one more exercise and your fitness level improves with every single rep! A fun, amazing and versatile tool, everyone should own! Thanks TRX, Owner/Trainer FT, CFT, SPN
I eagerly waited for my back ordered straps. i got all three so i can have a set when working with friends. i am in the military and travel a lot so i am always looking for new ways to improve without restrictions. with the TRX straps i have been blown away on how many things i can do. It just seems i was always missing the resistance part. But not wanting to depend on weights was a must for me. The Rip trainer is so simple to use and travel and the ease to go from one exercise to another is awesome. i strap my trx to one thing and rip to another so i can go back and forth to intensify the workout. Only reason i didn't give it 5 stars is cause i wish i could they would have made more exercise programs like they got for the TRX even though they are coming that's my only gripe since it wont let me do 4 1/2. i gave it 5. i can't wait for what trx does for video training since they took simple straps and got so much more out of it. The rip will be an awesome new toy for them to figure out. chris