3 Reasons Why Every Golfer Should Use the TRX Suspension Trainer

3 Reasons Why Every Golfer Should Use the TRX Suspension Trainer

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Golfers at every skill level need clubs, gloves, shoes, and a bag, but the best players in the world know that the TRX Suspension Trainer is one of the most effective tools golfers can use to take their game to the next level. Why do pro and amateur golfers alike love the Suspension Trainer? Because it blends flexibility and mobility, it activates the core, and it can help golfers develop more power off the tee.

For years, golf pros were focused on teaching people how to swing a club, but over the last decade, fitness has become a bigger party of the game. Now there’s an explosion of golf fitness professionals who coach players on strength and training to complement the mechanics side of the sport. Technical skill is critical in golf—no one is going to win a tournament if they can’t hole a putt—but golfers are increasingly focused on ways that flexibility and mobility in the hips, knees, and ankles can improve their technique. That’s where the Suspension Trainer comes in.

According to TRX Head of Human Performance Chris Frankel, the Suspension Trainer gives golfers a quick way to build in resistance training and core work with their mobility exercises. “Because of the design of the Suspension Trainer with that single anchor point, you have this 360-degree range of motion to really get your torso twisting—working through that X factor of dissociating hips from shoulders—with just the right amount of resistance in there so they can be strong.” Even moves like the TRX Squat Jump can yield results on the golf course: the better a golfer’s vertical jump, the more power the golfer can drive off the tee.

Frankel would know: he spent three years on the PGA tour as a trainer.

The Suspension Trainer is popular among athletes, military personnel, and fitness buffs alike because it’s easy to pack and use it anywhere. Frankel says that convenience is part of the appeal for golfers. “People set it up on the side of golf carts and there are routines they'll use right before they hit the driving range, just to open up the chest, loosen up the shoulders, get the core muscles turned on and activated a little bit,” he said.

Top golfers don’t have hours to dedicate to the gym, but the Suspension Trainer allows them to train more efficiently. “Sometimes on the tour we'd spend maybe 40 minutes, two or three times a week. That's all we'd have for the actual physical training. Because you can hit so many different things with the [Suspension Trainer]—strength, mobility, core strength—it has a real big effect out there. I think that's the other thing that caught on in the golfing community,” Frankel said.

Today, legendary golfers like Rory McIlroy, Phil Mickelson, Jordan Spieth, and Lydia Ko have all incorporated the Suspension Trainer in their fitness routines, according to Golf Digest.

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