6 Pack Abs Workout

6 Pack Abs Workout

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Everyone wants a killer six pack. It doesn’t happen by just sitting around.

TRX Master Trainer Miguel Vargas can get you started.  Miguel has 5 killer exercises that are going to torch that belly fat and tighten up those abs.

All you need is a TRX Suspension Trainer, a stopwatch, and a towel.  We promise this workout is going get you sweating.  Whether you’re new to the TRX straps or a TRX pro, these moves are going to leave your heart pounding and muscles pumping.  

Best part, it’s just a few minutes a day.  A small price to pay to get and keep the waistline you’ve always wanted.

The First exercise is the TRX SPEED SQUAT:

  • Adjust the straps to Mid length.

  • Stand facing the anchor point with your feet hip width apart.

  • Stack your elbows underneath your shoulders with tension on the straps.

  • Lower your hips down and back, bending at the knees to 90 degrees, and keeping your head and shoulders over your hips.

  • Drive through your heels and return to standing.

  • If you’re new take your time with these. If this isn’t your first rodeo, then we want you to get after it! That means move quickly and squeeze those glutes and abs to make sure we get that furnace churning and burning to melt that belly fat!

The Second exercise is the TRX ATOMIC PUSH UP.

  • Adjust the straps to mid-calf.

  • Your body position is ground facing away from the anchor point with your toes in the foot cradles.

  • Once your feet are in the straps, get into a plank position. Next, lower yourself to the ground in a push-up position. When you return to the top, pull your knees to your chest for a TRX crunch. Finally, return to your plank position to finish the rep.

  • This exercise is not for the faint hearted. Trust us, if you can get through 20 of these, your arms, shoulders, and ABS will be burning and the sweat will start pouring. Take breaks when you need them, and as you get stronger you’ll be able to finish more in a row.

The Third exercise is TRX SPEED SKATERS.

  • Adjust the straps to mid-length.

  • Stand facing anchor point with your elbows stacked under your shoulders.

  • Start with your right leg behind your left leg in a crossing balance lunge.

  • Next hop over to your right leg and complete the crossing balance lunge on the other leg.

  • Repeat this for 20 reps and remember to squeeze those abs on every hop and landing. The more you squeeze the more you burn!

The Fourth exercise is the TRX MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS

  • Adjust the straps to mid-calf

  • Your body position is ground facing away from the anchor point with your toes in the foot cradles

  • Once your feet are in the straps get into a plank position.

  • Start by pulling your right leg to your chest while the left leg remains straight. Lower your right leg down then raise your left leg to your chest.

  • If your arms are already beat from all the atomic push-ups then you can complete these reps from a forearm plank position. Either way, every time you complete a rep you’ll be carving out another part of your rock’in abs!

The Fifth and final exercise is a TRX BURPEE

  • Keep your straps adjusted to mid-calf.

  • Stand facing away from the anchor point and place your right foot in both foot cradles.

  • Lower yourself down to the ground in a plank position. Complete a push-up and drive up to standing.

  • That’s ONE! Just think, the stronger you get, the more explosive this exercise becomes.

Complete each exercise for 20 reps on the minute. That means this workout should last less than 6 minutes. If you really want to build a killer 6 pack give it second round. Try it once and you’ll see that TRX is all core all the time.  If you want to get shredded, the TRX Suspension Trainer is the tool you need.  

Photo Credit: Nick Lees (Instagram @iwitnessfitness) nickleesfitness.com