Ask the Trainer: Six TRX Training Sins

Ask the Trainer: Six TRX Training Sins

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There are things in life we’re taught to avoid. Black cats, for example. And strangers with candy. Processed food. The Interstate during rush hour. Procrastinating. Talking about politics with your new girlfriend’s parents. The plague.

Well, there's something else out there you should be avoiding at all costs, something that, if left unaddressed, could result in poor exercise technique, less-than-stellar results and even injury. That something is what we call the six TRX sins, a list of the most common ways people compromise their TRX workouts with incorrect form and/or technique.

In this installment of Ask the Trainer, Education Manager Steve Katai describes each of the six TRX sins and offers ways to correct them to ensure you're getting the maximum benefit out of every TRX workout. Here are the six sins below (in no specific order):

Sin #1: Starting (Incorrectly)

Example Exercise: TRX Y Deltoid Fly
Adjust the TRX appropriately for all exercises by first finding the correct end point, body position and proper foot stance for the movement.

Sin #2: Stopping

Example Exercise: TRX Mid Row
If you’ve bitten off more than you can chew and you’ve started an exercise at too steep an angle, don’t just stop the movement. Adjust your body angle to make the exercise easier if you start to feel fatigued.

Sin #3: Sawing

Example Exercise: TRX Hamstring Runner
Repeat after me: the TRX is not a pulley. To avoid sawing, exert even pressure on the handles or foot cradles of the TRX. Never allow the handles to saw back and forth.

Sin #4: Scraping

Example Exercise: TRX Chest Press
When performing an exercise on the TRX, the straps should never rub against your arms. To eliminate scraping, simply raise your hands slightly while performing the movement.

Sin #5: Slacking

Example Exercise: TRX Overhead Back Extension
If the TRX is slacking, so are you! Maintain tension on the straps throughout each movement.

Sin #6: Sagging

Example Exercise: TRX Plank
When you’re tired, it’s more difficult to hold your body in alignment. If your hips are sagging, remember to engage your core and maintain body alignment during all exercises where your body is in a plank position.

So there you have it, the six TRX sins. Study the video above so you're able to recognize when you (or your clients) engage in these sinful behaviors and learn the ways to correct them.