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Top 5 Benefits of Employee Training for Your Gym Staff

When you don’t invest in employee training and development for your gym staff, it shows (and not in a good way). 
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When you don’t invest in employee training and development for your gym staff, it shows (and not in a good way). A lack of training may show up in your sales team’s inability to close on new leads, or when your personal trainers struggle to connect with clients and create effective workout programs. Not only that, but it can have a negative impact on your gym’s bottom line.  

On the flip side, when you’re invested in education and training for your gym staff, you set your business up for success. In fact, the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) found that businesses that offer extensive training for employees can expect 218% higher income than those without staff training programs or courses in place.

That’s just one of the many statistics that speaks to the benefits of employee training. In this article, we’re going to run down 5 of the biggest reasons you should be investing in the training and development of your gym staff.

What Are the Benefits of Employee Training?

1. It Increases Employee Retention

Maintaining a stable workforce is crucial for the reputation and success of your gym or studio. High employee turnover not only incurs significant financial costs, with research indicating that replacing an employee can amount to 33% of their salary, but it also leaves a negative impact on your brand image.

Negative word-of-mouth travels fast, and once your establishment gains a reputation for rapid staff turnover, it becomes challenging to dispel that perception. 

This is precisely why prioritizing employee retention is of the utmost importance. According to go2HR, a staggering 40% of employees leave their jobs within the first year if they feel insufficiently trained to perform well. Therefore, if your retention rate is low, it's crucial to reflect on whether you are equipping your gym staff with the necessary tools, training, and knowledge to thrive in their roles.

Investing in training programs for your gym staff demonstrates your appreciation for their contributions. It communicates your commitment to their growth and development, which significantly reduces the likelihood of them seeking employment elsewhere.

2. It Boosts Employee Performance

Increased performance means a higher profitability for your gym. That’s because when your performance improves, things get done — you make more sales, and you can avoid having to deal with stressful situations like negative cash flow.

By investing in the training and development of your gym staff, they’ll acquire new skills and knowledge to help them be better and more productive at their jobs, which can lead to a boost in revenue for your gym.

Not all training has to be extensive. It can be something as simple as keeping your gym staff informed. Make sure they’re aware of any gym updates, new group training classes, etc. Keeping your gym staff “in the know” will help them be more confident and speak more knowledgeably about what your gym has to offer — whether it’s taking prospects on a tour and showing them your amenities, or showing off some of the new budget-friendly gym equipment your facility just got in stock last week.  

This can not only help your gym staff in their interactions with current members, but also in how they deal with prospects who are thinking about joining your gym.

3. It Helps You Stay Current

The realm of fitness is in a constant state of flux, always evolving and shifting. What's popular one moment may be overshadowed by new trends the next, from bodybuilding and hypertrophy to functional training. As a gym owner or manager, it's crucial to keep pace with these changes and ensure that you're at the top of your game in meeting the diverse needs of your clientele. Staying updated not only positions you as a leader in the industry but also helps you stay ahead of the competition.

One significant advantage of providing training to your staff is the ability to tailor your gym offerings to align with current demands. The key lies in structuring the training programs for your gym staff based on the fitness goals and preferences of your existing members and potential clients.

Take a moment to assess the primary focus of your facility's members. Are they more inclined towards cardio workouts or strength training? Do they require guidance on proper exercise form and staying motivated? Are they interested in taking their fitness journey to the next level through high-intensity resistance training or group classes? Understanding these preferences allows you to curate your services accordingly.

If you have recently introduced new training tools and equipment, such as the highly acclaimed YBell, it becomes even more important to educate and upskill your training staff. This ensures that they can provide the best possible experience for your team, their clients, and your overall membership as a whole.

To gain insights into the interests and preferences of your members or potential clients, you can consider conducting surveys. Alternatively, taking a more informal approach, you can train your gym staff to proactively ask about the types of fitness programs or classes individuals would be interested in.

4. It Improves Employee Engagement

Whether it’s a personal trainer, someone on the sales team, or your front desk staff, employee engagement is another one of the benefits of employee training. According to Gallup, employee engagement could mean as much as 21% more in profitability for your gym.

When employees are engaged, they’ll feel a higher level of emotional commitment to their work and employers to do a good job. That means going the extra mile for your gym or studio to help it reach its goals.

Investing in employee training can also create a sense of security for your gym staff, which can be a big boost to morale.

5. It Helps With Member Retention

The culture you build and overall mood of your gym can have a big say in retaining current members and also in attracting new ones.

According to an IHRSA report:

  • 90% of gym members value interaction with staff members
  • Staff members generate 600% more income per gym member than anyone on the sales staff alone
  • Cancellation of gym memberships was 56% higher for people who worked out alone vs. those who worked out in groups

What does employee training have to do with these stats? It sheds light on the fact that people don’t just come to the gym to workout. Think of your health club or studio as a community where people come together and form relationships with one another as they strive to reach their fitness goals.

Having a well-trained gym staff who’s engaging and promotes a sense of community can help you cultivate a culture at your gym that aids in membership retention. This can be simple things like your front desk staff saying “hi” and being friendly and inviting to anyone who walks through the door, or training your personal trainers to focus on inclusion by encouraging group training classes.

Wrapping Things up on the Benefits of Employee Training for Your Gym Staff

Employee training can make or break the financial success of your gym or studio. By investing in educating and training your staff, you can increase employee performance, retain more members, and ultimately acquire more revenue from your gym.

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