Cool Combo: TRX Unilateral Exercise Sequence

Cool Combo: TRX Unilateral Exercise Sequence

Reading Cool Combo: TRX Unilateral Exercise Sequence 2 minutes

Watch as TRX Head of Training and Development Fraser Quelch shows us an awesome unilateral exercise sequence on the TRX Suspension Trainer. He moves from a TRX Single Arm Raise to a TRX Biceps Curl to a TRX Triceps Extension to a TRX High Row, all performed on just one arm. This is guranteed to light up the arm, chest and shoulder of the working side but the core as well.

Why is unilateral training important? Each of us has a dominant body side. We throw better from one side, we kick better from one side, and, likewise, we're stronger on one side. Ever tried tossing a football with your non-throwing arm? If so, you've probably found it a very humbling experience. When we lift weights bilaterally (i.e., move the weight with both arms at once), our dominant side takes over during the exercise, causing a disproportion, however slight, in workout balance. So even though you think you're working both sides of the body equally, in reality, the dominant side controls the exercise.

Fortunately, we can train the weak side with unilateral training exercises like those in the sequence above. It targets our weak areas and activates nerves and fibers that force muscles to adapt and grow.

Give the above exercise sequence a shot and tell us what you think below!

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