Crush This TRX Lower Body Workout in Under 20 Minutes

Crush This TRX Lower Body Workout in Under 20 Minutes

Reading Crush This TRX Lower Body Workout in Under 20 Minutes 4 minutes

Tackle your New Year strength goals with some of our favorite TRX lower body strength exercises in the video below!

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When creating a strength training routine, it’s easy to get distracted by the decorator muscles: biceps, triceps, traps, and abs. While it’s normal to have aesthetic goals,A comprehensive lower body workout should target both the anterior chain—hello, quads!— and posterior chain—we see you hamstrings and glutes. TRX and leg day are a natural pair because almost every exercise on the TRX Suspension Trainer requires standing or planking.  Need more dynamism in your lower body routine? This workout uses the Suspension Trainer, Power Bag, and Exercise Bands to keep things interesting. Ready or not, those stems are going to get some attention.

We’re kicking off this party with the TRX Lunge, which tests your balance and strength while working the foot/ankle, knee and hip joints plus associated muscles, ligaments and tendons. 

Adjust your Suspension Trainer to the mid-calf length, and stand facing away from the anchor point. Choose which foot you want to suspend, and thread that foot through both foot cradles. From your standing position, you’ll lower down on the planted, front leg to an almost-seated position, extended your suspended leg behind you. Then, pressing your front heel into the ground, drive back up to straighten your front leg and return to your standing position.

Challengers: you can increase the difficulty level of this move by either adding a single-leg hop or burpee at the top of the range of motion, wearing a weighted vest to complete this exercise, or adding a ball slam to each rep.

Next, grab your TRX Power Bag for a series of front squats and deadlifts. For the front squat, stand with your feet at hip distances, holding the Power Bag by your chest, then squat and drive back up to standing. For the deadlifts, start standing and maintain your foot position, but straighten your arms to extend the bag down. From here, you’ll hinge and push your hips back, letting the bag trace the front of your leg.

Finally, grab your Exercise Band, and slip it over your ankles for a squat side kick. Start with your feet hip-width apart. Take a deep squat, and as you drive back up to standing, extend your right leg straight out and to the right side. Repeat this move on the left side, and alternate between the two legs for the duration of the interval.

We’re going to mix all three moves together in an as-many-reps-as-possible (AMRAP) workout.

Starting with the TRX Lunge, your goal is to complete as many reps as possible in one minute on just one leg. Next, you’ll move to alternating Power Bag front squats and deadlifts for one minute, before finishing out with the alternating squat side kick AMRAP. You’ll get 30 seconds off to recover and prepare for the next round after each minute of work.

Complete the circuit four times so you have two TRX Lunge rounds on each leg.

Want to measure your improvement? Challenge yourself to complete this routine once a week for a month to see if your rep count during the AMRAP increases. (You’re aiming to improve each week.) When the month is up, create a new routine with three new exercises. With hundreds of variations on classic Suspension Trainer leg exercises, you can use the same tools to program fresh lower body workouts every month.