6 Fitness Gift Ideas for Techies

Want to surprise the workout fanatics in your life with a gift this holiday season? Check out the TRX Training team’s favorite health and fitness gear! 
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Want to surprise the workout fanatics in your life with a gift this holiday season? Check out the TRX Training team’s favorite health and fitness gear! Our holiday gift guide has everything from warm-up necessities to specialized gifts for runners and weightlifters.

Here are a few timeless gifts that will be sure to improve any home gym and spice up a personal fitness routine.

6 Fitness Gift Ideas for Techies

1. TRX Training Club® App  

About the TRX Training Club® App

  • Expert guidance for all levels, from world-class trainers.
  • Workout anywhere. A suspension trainer and our app are all you need.
  • 800+ classes for strength, cardio, yoga, and more.

Why We Love It

Consistency is key to achieving your fitness goal. For fitness lovers who prefer working out from home vs. going to a gym, the TRX Training app is a great way to establish a consistent training routine. The workout programs are designed to ease you into a workout routine that’ll prepare you for challenging workouts regardless of your training background.

2. HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottle

About the HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottle

  • Uses a Bluetooth sensor to track every sip of water you take
  • The bottle glows to remind you to drink and stay on track with your hydration goal
  • Mobile app recommends daily water goals and syncs with your favorite fitness apps
  • Choose from the legacy HidrateSpark3, HidrateSpark Pro, or the HidrateSpark Tap

Why We Love It

Your daily hydration needs change depending on your personal metrics, the weather, and how active you are. Adding a bit of tech to your water game helps you avoid dehydration so you can focus on your next PR.

3. Outdoor Research Melody Sensor Gloves

About the Melody Sensor Gloves 

  • Has touch-screen compatible sensor tech on the thumb and index fingertips
  • Made of plush polyester and spandex jersey fabric

Why We Love It

Melody Sensor gloves are perfect for everyday errands, as well as jogging, hiking, or biking year-round. The touch-screen sensors make it possible for you to change your tunes or post your workout pics to your Gram without ever taking your gloves off.

4. BlazePod Flash-Reflex Training System

About the BlazePod Flash-Reflex Training System 

  • Uses Bluetooth low energy communication with smartphone pairing
  • Offers a 40-meter device-to-pod range
  • A portable system that’s water-resistant and UV protected for outdoor use
  • Mobile app provides pre-programmed activities, or you can create your own

Why We Love It

The BlazePod system is perfect for athletes who need to increase their agility, workout enthusiasts who want to maximize their training, and physical therapists looking to boost patient recovery. The mobile app allows you to track your progress and performance down to a millisecond. BlazePods help you train harder, react faster, and have fun in the process.

5. Blast Swing Analyzer for Baseball, Softball, and Golf

About the Blast Swing Analyzer  

  • Swing analyzer easily attaches to nearly any bat, putter, driver, iron, or wedge
  • Smart Video Capture™ automatically creates video highlights synced with your metrics
  • Swing metrics allow you to track, analyze and improve your timing and swing speed to identify trends
  • Offers in-app training videos with tips, drills, and actionable insights

Why We Love It

Whether you’re a coach or an athlete, the Blast Swing Analyzer is perfect for anyone looking to improve their baseball, softball, or golf swing. The Blast training center is also great for enhancing your strength training power movements like cable rows, shovel passes, or kettlebell swings.

6. Aukey EP-T32 Wireless Charging Over-Ear Earbuds

About the Aukey EP-T32 Wireless Charging Earbuds 

  • Features a waterproof shell to protect against sweat & rain
  • Powerful 12 mm speaker drivers provide high-fidelity audio with deep bass
  • Optimized voice pickup with noise-reduction microphones to filter out ambient noise
  • Secure over-ear ergonomic fit ensures comfort and keeps the earbuds in place during intense workouts

Why We Love It

Who doesn’t love listening to tunes while working out? The earbuds are comfortable and secure and provide excellent sound quality. Now you can run, lift, bike, or take a stroll in the park without fear of your earbuds falling out.

7 Fitness Gift Ideas for Runners

1. YBell Pro Series

About the YBell Pro Series

  • Commercial grade high elasticity power coating for indoor and outdoor training
  • Heavy-duty casted iron ore frame with the multi-handle YBell grip design
  • Sibling product of the multiple award-winning YBell Neo Series
  • Currently available in weights from 31 to 44 lb, with more weights to come in 2022

Why We Love It

You asked, and we listened! The YBell Pro Series comes in heavier-weight options and is built to last and endure the harshest conditions while still maintaining the award-winning design and multiple-grip functionality of the YBell Neo. It’s the perfect strength training companion for runners looking to lift heavy to improve their stride and running economy.

2. Ruffwear Roamer Bungee Dog Leash

About the Roamer Bungee Dog Leash 

  • Adjustable stretch-webbing leash can be worn around the waist or hand-held
  • Has an easy-to-use side release buckle that’s reinforced with an aluminum Uniloop
  • Comes with the Ruffwear Talon Clip™ for a secure leash-to-collar attachment

Why We Love It

Why not take Fido for a stroll while taking your daily run? The waist attachment lets you focus on your arm swing while running or hold your phone if you’re walking. No more messing with short leashes that make you run into your pup or retracting leashes that let them get too far away.

3. DeskCycle Ellipse

About the DeskCycle Ellipse 

  • Smooth, whisper-quiet pedal motion
  • 8 resistance levels and long pedals let you shape the elliptical motion you want
  • LCD display shows revolutions, RPM, time, and calories burned

Why We Love It

For cardio lovers who can’t sit still but don’t have the space for a full-sized treadmill or elliptical. It’s an ideal training option for when you’re stuck in all-day meetings or if you want to sneak in some training while watching TV. And it’s perfect for an active recovery session between your major training days.

4. Body Glide Balm

About the Body Glide Balm 

  • Made with allergen-free, plant-derived ingredients, no petroleum, parabens, phthalates
  • Vegan approved and never tested on animals
  • Not oily
  • Sweat and water-resistant and safe for clothes, swimwear, and footwear

Why We Love It

Every runner knows the frustrations of chafing, blistering, and raw skin. Body Glide balms protect your skin by enabling sweat to escape, allowing your skin to breathe. You can apply it to your neck, shoulders, armpits, chest, inner thighs, groin, glutes, and feet.

5. CamelBak Octane Dart 50 oz Hydration Pack

About the Octane Dart 50 oz Hydration Pack 

  • Intuitive design for runners, made with ultralight materials and comes with a padded mesh back panel
  • Offers 4 exterior pockets
  • Uses a CRUX™ Reservoir with a standard exit port that holds 50 oz / 1.5 L

Why We Love It

Who wants to hold a water bottle for a 10-mile run? The Octane Dart hydration pack is perfect for long-distance runners who want to keep their hands free to focus on their arm swings. It’s comfortable to wear, lightweight, and holds all your essentials. The water bladder design makes taking quick sips a breeze while running, hiking, or biking outdoors.

6. Koala Clip Phone Band

About the Koala Clip 

  • Has a proprietary blend moisture-resistant liner to protect your phone
  • Available in multiple sizes to fit almost any phone size and case
  • Easily clips onto shirts, sports bras, or waistbands

Why We Love It

Let’s face it — those tiny pockets built into your running shorts that only hold a single house key are pretty useless. With the Koala Clip, you can run, hike, bike, or weight train without worrying about where to put your phone and ID (and even your house key).  

7. Figs Compression Socks

About the Figs Compression Socks 

  • Offers light, 360-degree seamless compression
  • Has padding for your toes and heels
  • Made from moisture-wicking, sustainably sourced yarn

Why We Love It

Why overwork your muscles and tire out your legs more than you need to? Compression socks are perfect for reducing excess movement of your calf muscles, which will slow down your fatigue during a long-distance run. These socks are comfortable and soft to the touch, and apply the perfect amount of light compression.

7 Fitness Gift Ideas for Weightlifters

1. FITBENCH YBell Combo

About the FITBENCH YBell Combo 

  • 8-position incline bench with a padded top
  • Mobile modular system with locking wheels
  • Equipped with and conveniently stores the full YBell Neo Series 
  • 3 separate pairs of snap-proof, nylon covered FITBANDS

Why We Love It

Take your YBell workouts to the next level with the FITBENCH YBell combo. Weightlifters and athletes can take advantage of the FITBENCH Train App for exercises and the ability to track progress and the YBell Fitness app for instruction, workouts, and the opportunity to connect with the larger YBell community.

2. YBell Exercise Mat

About the YBell Exercise Mat 

  • Made of durable, natural rubber with a polyester suede surface to protect your hands, knees, floors, and YBells
  • Perfect size for ground-based HIIT and HIRT exercises and ab workouts
  • Features instructional indicators that integrate with YBell Fitness pod programs to optimize your workouts

Why We Love It

Ready to enhance your YBell workouts? We designed the YBell Exercise Mat with one vision in mind — to create a durable and versatile exercise mat designed especially for HIIT, HIRT, and YBell-specific exercises and pod-style programming. Take your Tabata training or home gym workout to the next level while adding some comfort and protection to your hands and knees.

3. Vibram FiveFingers V-Train 2.0 Shoes

About the Men’s V-Train 2.0 Shoes and Women’s V-Train 2.0 Shoes

  • Offers ground feel, protection, and toe articulation for balance and stability
  • Designed for heavy training, focused on durability, traction, and performance
  • Panel lacing system with a hook+loop closure makes it perfect for aggressive, lateral movements
  • XS Trek rubber compound for all-around performance both indoor and outdoor

Why We Love It

You hardly ever hear about proper footwear for strength training, mobility training, or functional fitness, but it's vital for outdoor and indoor training. FiveFingers are great for strength training, yoga, cardio, high-intensity resistance training, and indoor sports, and the V-Train 2.0 is designed to give you incredible traction and durability while offering ultimate grip.

4. Stick Mobility Training Sticks

About the Training Sticks 

  • Designed for use in a gym or on a playing field
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Made in the USA of synthetic polymers and plasticizers to offer flexibility and strength
  • Available in 4-, 5-, 6-, and 7-foot sticks for individual purchase or combos

Why We Love It

Strength training meets mobility training with Training Sticks. The sticks allow you to apply force in multiple directions while extending your range of motion, which increases muscle activation. Training sticks can help you improve your balance, coordination, motor control, and body awareness.

5. Theragun Prime Massager

About the Theragun Prime 

  • Theragun Triangle multi-grip handle with multiple massage attachments
  • 120-minute continuous use battery life
  • 5 built-in speeds and customizable speed range that you can control in the app  

Why We Love It

Muscle recovery can come in many forms, but percussive massage is perfect for instant gratification and pain relief. The Theragun Prime’s speed ranges can target sensitive areas with light force or attack tight knots with deep pressure. The app also integrates with Apple Health and GoogleFit to suggest guided routines based on your activity level.

6. TRX Home2 System Suspension Trainers

About the TRX Home2 System 

  • Includes door and suspension anchors that allow you to workout from anywhere
  • Delivers fast, effective total-body exercises that increase your muscular endurance
  • Improves muscle strength, balance, flexibility, and core strength

Why We Love It

Suspension trainers are a phenomenal bodyweight training tool that’s perfect for any fitness skill level. With adjustable foot cradles, gravity, and body weight, you can build lean muscle, burn fat, and improve your flexibility with a total-body workout.

7. BlendJet 2 Portable Blender

About the BlendJet 2 Portable Blender 

  • USB-rechargeable blender with a battery that lasts for 15 blends
  • Has patented technology to blend ice and frozen fruit in 20 seconds
  • Just add water and soap, then blend to clean the jar
  • Lightweight and portable

Why We Love It

Why pay $10 for a sugary drink at your gym’s cafe when you can blend the perfect protein smoothie after your sweat session? It’s also great for milkshakes, lattes, and slushies on the go. And, it’s compact enough to fit in a purse or gym bag without adding any bulk.

5 Fitness Gift Ideas for Yogis

1. YBell Arc Series

About the YBell Arc Series

  • Sibling product of the multiple award-winning YBell Neo Series
  • Free weights that complement boxing, yoga, Pilates, barre, and cycling
  • Perfect weight sizes for shoulder, wrist, and elbow rehab
  • Available in 2.5 and 5 lb weights

Why We Love It

The YBell Arc Series is designed for those starting their fitness journey. It has the same award-winning YBell multiple grip design as the YBell Neo, making it a great introduction to traditional strength training exercises. The lighter weights make it the perfect complement to functional fitness, mobility training, and physical therapy or rehab.

2. Gaiam Easy-Cinch Yoga Sling

About the Easy-Cinch Yoga Sling 

  • Durable carrying strap fits any size yoga mat
  • Metal D-ring sliders keep your mat snug and secure
  • Lightweight design

Why We Love It 

This yoga sling is functional, secure, and unpretentious. Whether you’re walking, biking, or taking a scooter to your yoga studio, you can rest assured that your yoga mat will stay securely in place. It also works great for carrying YBell Exercise Mat to and from your outdoor workouts.

3. Moleskine Wellness Passion Journal

About the Moleskine Wellness Passion Journal

  • 400 pages of 70 g/m² acid-free paper
  • Two ribbon bookmarks, tabbed sections, and expandable pockets to organize your notes
  • Wellness-themed hardcover, introductory pages, and stickers

Why We Love It

The perfect gift for introspective yogis who love to plan and track their goals. Track your health and fitness goals, create a workout calendar, save your favorite healthy recipes, plan your next workout, and capture the pivotal moments in your wellness journey.

4. Bombas Gripper Ankle Socks

About the Gripper Ankle Socks 

  • Cushioned footbed with stay-put grips
  • Y-Stitched heel and seamless toe
  • Honeycomb arch support system

Why We Love It

Gripper ankle socks are perfect for a deep yoga session, Pilates workout, barre class, or mobility workouts. The last thing you want is to start slipping while working on your standing splits or kneeling praying mantis to pose.

5. GoFit Muscle Hook

About the GoFit Muscle Hook 

  • Unique design to give you leverage to apply pressure
  • Durable one-piece design made from heavy-duty urethane
  • Perfect for trigger point self-massage

Why We Love It

Say goodbye to those pesky knots in your back at a price point no massage therapist can compete with. The Muscle Hook helps you target trigger points for a deep tissue self-massage. The hook design allows you to reach tight muscles on your back, shoulders, and other hard-to-reach spots.