Fun TRX Workout Ideas

Fun TRX Workout Ideas

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Fun TRX Workout Ideas

Try incorporating these cool games into your TRX workouts and bring a little fun back into your training. What is exercise if we don’t enjoy it? It becomes something we dread and possibly over time make less of a priority. But what if we add something as simple as a game to change the monotony of how we train? Not only would we see adherence, as all human beings have an innate drive to compete and succeed, but we would also begin to affect the mental and emotional state of a client as well because games are FUN!

When integrating games into one’s workouts, not only are we going to fundamentally be learning movement patterns OR reacting three dimensionally due to the unpredictable environment games provide, but games give fitness professionals and coaches a way to interact in a meaningful way with clients and athletes. Games allow us to build communication, trust, self confidence and adherence. That is something no machine or repetitive movement pattern can do.

There are many ways we can use the TRX Suspension Trainer to build interaction, fun and enjoyment within the training environment. To create a TRX Games workout, follow a couple of simple and basic rules. When incorporating movements, start with:

  1. Simple to complex
  2. Basic/singular to multi-tasking
  3. Known to unknown
  4. Low to high load

Here are some examples of games you can perform on the TRX (see video above):

  1. Reactive voice command to TRX Sprinter Start to indicated number of cone.
  2. Time start/stop in TRX Sprinter Start.
  3. TRX Sit-up with balloon tap.
  4. TRX Lunge with tennis ball roll/catch/throw.
  5. TRX Power Pull with balloon tap.
  6. TRX Burpee with balloon tap broken down into parts or quick.
  7. TRX Balance Lunge Matrix to cued number or cone (not shown in video).
  8. TRX Plank with balloon tap (not shown in video).
  9. TRX Power Pull with tennis ball catch throw (not shown in video).

Games provide a great cardio and metabolic demand and can be a superset with any form of exercise. They can be used anywhere in the program. The most important thing with TRX Games is to have fun!

Hayley Hollander is a TRX Senior Course Instructor and co-owner of Advanced Training Performance an elite personal training company in Las Vegas, Nevada. She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Her drive for education motivated her to get many fitness certifications from ACE, NASM, AFAA, Yogafit RYT-200, Pilates Coach, and USA Weightlifting. Hayley loves teaching yoga and outdoor bootcamp classes on the TRX.