How Can I Be A TRX Instructor?

How Can I Be A TRX Instructor?

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How Can I Be A TRX Instructor?

TRX® Instructors are among the very best group of educators in the world. They are part of an elite team of the most accomplished fitness professionals on the planet but to be a TRX instructor is much more than an accolade for a resume. This team of people has an unparalleled passion for the TRX® brand and for bringing our profession to the next level. They possess a deep training knowledge, a high personal physical competency and an unrivalled ability to coach and captivate in a learning setting.

These like-minded individuals are proud members of a global family who have lived through the crucible that is the TRX Instructor Development Process. They exemplify TRX® values and represent the TRX® brand at the highest level. In short… they are “grade A”, “premium cut”, “10th degree black belt”, TRX “badasses”l!

Sounds cool doesn’t it?!

“So when do I start?!”

… Hold your horses cowboy - It’s not that easy

The first step is to fill out the instructor application form but before you do, let’s talk pre-requisites. This is what you’ll find on the website but I’m going to provide a bit more “detail”.

•   Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science or related field (special qualifications apply for Sports Medicine Instructors)

This one means you can check the box and pass “GO. To put it in perspective, there are no shortage of graduate and even PhD degrees within the Instructor Cadre

•   Current National Certification (ACE, NASM, NSCA etc)

Same as the first bullet point. The essence of “minimum requirement

•   Attended a one-day, 8-hour Professional Education Course

So you’ve attended a course. This is a good start but certainly does not differentiate you from the other 100,000 plus people who have attended courses. If you’re serious about becoming an instructor make the commitment to come to all of them. Now you’re in more “rarified air”. Additionally you need to consider coming to the major conferences such as IDEA or Can Fit Pro and attend TRX® sessions there. This will expose you to the very cutting edge of the TRX® Training Philosophies and also bring you into contact with our key subject matter experts.

•   Proven leader in the fitness industry

Are you presenting your ideas at conferences? Have you published articles in magazines or newspapers? Do you have any DVD titles to your name or are you running a successful youtube channel, training blog, forum or podcast? In short - what are you doing to be a leader to the profession at large beyond your client / facility echo sphere? What do you contribute?

•   2-3 Years of presentation experience

It’s not enough to be a knowledgeable trainer or a popular group exercise instructor. A huge component of being a TRX instructor is the ability to engage, inspire and educate a group of your peers for 8 hours! This is no mean feat and it is a looming crux for many TRX Instructor aspirants. Hone your craft! The ability to present well is a true skill that requires both innate talent and hard work. There has been no shortage of prospective instructors who have been truly humbled by this element of our instructor development process.

•   6-8 years practical experience in strength & conditioning, fitness and/or physical therapy settings

You’ve got to know your stuff… period. TRX Instructors have all “been there, done that” and excelled. They have walked many miles in the shoes of their audience and in this way can relate and connect with them to provide an authentic and practical learning experience. One of the pitfalls we identify in our Instructor Training Courses is that it is a highly dangerous thing to present at the threshold of your knowledge. If the information that is being delivered is “bedrock” then it only takes one question for instructors to lose their credibility. Always be learning! TRX Instructors are continuously questing for new knowledge and information.

•   TRX Core Member (recommended)

If you want to know the cutting edge of what is happening at TRX, TRX CORE is the solution. It’s where we put out our latest content and our newest ideas. Anyone who wants to be a TRX® Instructor should be not just a CORE member, but a contributing member of the CORE. Get involved in the Forums, answer some questions and differentiate yourself.

The other piece of this process that is absolutely crucial is that Instructor values must align with the TRX® Brand values. I think that the best test for this one is to understand the following question…

            Why do you want to be a TRX Instructor?

HONESTLY answer this question. If your answer is centered more around your passion for the brand, love of coaching and thrill of seeing those around you develop you are likely on the right track.

Even with all of these things in place there is still no guarantee that there is an instructor position available in your area. The sad reality is that we cannot develop every person who is perfectly qualified.

We are thrilled that you want to be a part of our TRX Instructor Cadre. While the development process is extensive and challenging, and our quality standards are world class the experience of being part of this elite family of professionals is profound.

Contact us at with your instructor application. These applications will be evaluated and ranked and weighed against company needs.

I truly hope that this clarifies what the best development pathway is to make yourself the strongest TRX Instructor Candidate you can be.

Good luck with the process!