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How to Integrate YBells Into Your Home Gym

Building a home gym has never been more enticing. With the current social restrictions of Covid-19, many prefer the convenience of working out at home rather than going out. 
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Building a home gym has never been more enticing. With the current social restrictions of Covid-19, many prefer the convenience of working out at home rather than going out. 

As a result, there is a surge in people buying home gym sets, making it increasingly difficult to find traditional fitness equipment. Perhaps it's worth considering a new addition to your home gym: YBells.

What Makes YBell Different?

YBell is a remarkable fitness equipment, offering a 4-in-1 functionality that replaces a dumbbell, kettlebell, double-grip medicine ball, and push-up bar. By simply adjusting your grip, the YBell redistributes its weight, effectively transforming into a different piece of equipment. Combined with our exclusive YBell-specific exercises, this single tool provides an array of workout possibilities.

Unlike traditional workout equipment, YBells are designed to be accessible to all fitness levels. They are beginner-friendly, allowing newcomers to create tailored workouts, while also presenting a challenge for seasoned athletes.

Thanks to its unique shape and versatility, the YBell enables a lighter weight to become heavier through grip modifications or increased workout intensity. This eliminates the need to purchase multiple sizes when starting out, providing added convenience.

5 Advantages of Adding YBells to Your Home Gym

1. YBells Offer a Lower Entry Point

A set of YBells is significantly more affordable than buying a set of dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, and push-up stands. Investing in a set of XL YBells can save you around $100 in your home exercise equipment costs while still seeing excellent results from your workouts.

The low price point will allow you to focus on building your workout routine and improving your physical health, rather than trying to replicate a full gym.

Image caption: The 4-in-1 YBell can save you money on your home gym.

2. YBells Take Less Space In Your Home Gym

The modern look allows you to store your YBells in any room in your home. There’s no need to hide them away under the bed or in a closet, although the compact design allows you to do that easily.

I recommend keeping them out in the open where you’ll see them and use them. If you choose to buy multiple sets in different sizes, you might want to consider a YBell Vertical Rack, which is an easy way to keep your workout space organized.

Having a dedicated space for your home gym is always a great goal, but that might not be available to you right now. You may have recently needed to create a home office to work from home, making your space feel that much tighter. Don’t let a lack of dedicated room for your home gym stop you from creating a workout routine to improve your physical — and mental — health.

3. YBells Replace Multiple Pieces of Equipment

The YBell’s multi-handle design means that changing your equipment is as easy as changing your grip on the YBell. These grip transitions allow it to replicate the four pieces of traditional training equipment:

  • Under grip is for double-grip medicine ball exercises
  • Center grip is for dumbbell exercises
  • Top grip for push-up work and ground exercises
  • Outer grip is for kettlebell exercises
  • Learn about the four other grips that make YBell so unique for working out

You can do virtually every exercise that would usually require dumbbells, kettlebells, double grip med balls, and push-up bars. And, our trainers have created some unique YBell-specific mobility exercises that you can do from the comfort of your home.

4. YBells Offer Versatility In Your Workout

Adding a set of YBells to your home gym will streamline your training, reducing the amount of time you need to get great results. There’s no time required to change plates, move between stations, or shift equipment from room to room. With one set of YBells, you’ll have access to a massive variety of exercises.

Whether your fitness goals are focused on strength and conditioning, weight loss, or mobility, YBells can keep you motivated to achieve your goals.

5. YBells Are Portable

A set of YBells is portable and easy to get around with. That means you’re not physically tied to working out in one room in your home unless you want to. You can workout from your living room, while standing at your desk, or even in your backyard.

Want to see nature and get some fresh air? Take your YBells over to the park, the beach, or the lake. The compact size, durable construction, and neoprene coating allow you to take your workout where you usually can’t. You might not need an excuse to hit the lake, but it sure is nice to have one. With a set of YBells, you can work out when, where, and how you want.

Training Modalities You Can Do At Home With YBells

Transitioning from one grip to another mid-exercise is what makes the YBell perfect for compound exercises. You can switch from dumbbell exercises using a center grip, to double-grip med ball exercises using an under grip, to kettlebell exercises using an outer grip, plus pushups and groundwork using a top grip.

The grip transitions also make YBell perfect for high-intensity workouts, cardio workouts, functional training, and mobility training. We’ve also seen many users incorporate YBells into their yoga, Pilates, circuit training, and plyometric training.

  1. High-Intensity Resistance Training (HIRT)

You’ve probably seen high-intensity resistance training (HIRT) in CrossFit programs or group training classes. These programs involve a fast pace with short rests (20 to 40 seconds) while applying high intensity in your movements. By keeping a quick pace, you’re essentially adding cardio to your workout instead of needing another workout afterward. HIRT training can be a huge perk for people with a busy schedule.

One of the challenges with HIRT workouts is quickly transitioning to the next workout during your quick rest. In a standard gym, you may need to wait for equipment to free up or need extra time to clean your last piece of equipment, and then set up your gear for the next movement.

Since YBells are a multipurpose piece of equipment, your HIRT training will never be slowed down from adding plates or switching your gear. Just grab your set of YBells and get to it!

2. Cardio Training

Cardiovascular exercise is about raising your heart rate for a sustained period to train your heart and lungs. This will ultimately boost your stamina. It’s commonly associated with running long distances, biking, hitting the stair climber, or swimming laps. That’s why you’ll see treadmills, exercise bikes, and ellipticals in many home gyms.

With the rise of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and HIRT programs, there’s now a crossover between cardio exercise and weight training. A simple cardio workout at home could look like this:

  1. Jump rope for 3 minutes
  2. 10 cross catch squats with a single YBell
  3. 25 lateral jump burpees with a single YBell
  4. 15 tricep pushups with YBells
  5. 5 minutes of mountain climbers

3. Functional Training

Functional training and exercises involve moving in multiple planes of motion and activating several muscle groups and joints to help you perform everyday activities. You’re focusing on compound movements like squats rather than isolated, single-joint movements like leg curls.

Think about daily activities like pulling a door open, pushing a shopping cart, sitting down in a chair, turning your head to look in your rearview mirror, or bending to pick something up. These are all functional movements that challenge your whole body and muscles to work together. Functional training improves your coordination, mobility, and muscle strength.

A few of my favorite functional exercises you can do at home with the YBell include:

4. Mobility Training

Mobility training focuses on moving your joints freely through their full, unrestricted range of motion. Without good mobility, your muscles and joints experience tightness from not opening up. This can also lead to imbalance, making you more prone to injury while exercising or even doing daily activities.

You can add mobility exercises into your current home workout, or you can use them as warm-up movements to help you stretch and increase your flexibility for your training. Here are some mobility exercises that I’ve created specifically for the YBell:

YBells Workouts for Your Home Gym

A significant benefit of the YBell is that you don’t need to reinvent your workout just to fit your equipment. If you can do it with a dumbbell, kettlebell, medicine ball, or push-up bar, then you can do it with your set of YBells.

YBells excel in resistance training by incorporating compound movements that are known for burning maximum calories. Some of my favorite compound exercises are dumbbell squat presses, alternating kettlebell low swings and high swings, double med ball lunge punches, and push-up rows.

Here are two of my favorite workouts that I’ve shared with YBell users:

1. The YBell Full Body Blast Workout

You can find the YBell Full Body Blast workout and more on our Instagram page.

  1. Set your timer to 10 minutes and see how many cycles you can get in!
  2. Kettlebell rack squat press
    1. Using an outer grip, hold a YBell in each hand at your shoulders
    2. Complete your squat into a shoulder press
  3. Kettlebell low swing (double count):
    1. The first round would be counted 1, 1, 2, 2 (essentially 4 reps)
    2. The next round would be counted 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3.
    3. Using an outer grip, swing the weights on the outside of your body
  4. Pushup rows:
    1. Start with 2 reps, then ladder up +1 next round
    2. Using the outside grip, complete one push up, followed by a left row and right row

2. The YBell Legs and Core Workout

You can find the YBell Legs and Core workout and more on our Facebook page.

  1. 10 x YBell deep pickup low squat jump squat
    1. Use an outer grip with both hands
    2. Squat the weight to the floor, then transition into a jump
  2. 20 x YBell bear stance 1 arm cross row (10 each side)
    1. In a bear stance, complete 10 rows across the body for each side
  3. 10 x YBell crunch extends
    1. Use an outer grip with both hands
    2. Complete your crunch while extending your YBell straight into the air
  4. 20 x Crunch extend
    1. Use your bodyweight only, no YBells

The One Piece of Equipment for Every Home Gym

YBells will help you remove workout hurdles by helping you financially achieve your home gym faster while requiring less space for a workout. When there isn’t enough time in the day, supplementing a quick workout with just one piece of equipment is easy with YBell.

YBell is the one piece of home workout equipment that works for every health goal, every exercise routine, and everybody.