MOMStrong - Farel Hruska, Fitness Educator

MOMStrong - Farel Hruska, Fitness Educator

MOMstrong is a mindset to me. Moms are athletes…period.
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1- What does MOMstrong mean to you?

MOMstrong is a mindset to me. Moms are athletes…period. Your bodies have been through so much through pregnancy and into postpartum and to deny that strength is to be missing a huge part of who you are. Our strength, physically, mentally and emotionally is tested and grows with each passing day as we raise these little humans. Own your strength and know that there is no perfect way to navigate this journey. You are already MOMstrong.

2- What is your favorite part about being a mother?

It’s hard to narrow it down to one. Since my first was born I reveled (and struggled) in the newness of each phase, challenge and moment. I feel blessed to have this role and to learn my humanity through witnessing my kids. It’s the hardest and the best.

3- What is your advice to new moms regarding the importance of fitness?

The advice is simple; move with the body that you have at the moment. Listen to the changes and modifications that your body needs as that fluctuates constantly. Remember your strength and know that some days will feel amazing while other days a nap will give you the best return in energy. Grace and patience always wins the day.

4- What advice can you give the busy mom about the importance of fitness?

“Busy Mom” is redundant You may need to redefine what you considered fitness or a workout once a baby is in your life. Take smaller bouts of movement as wins and focus on movement patterns that will strengthen you for the new biomechanics of motherhood you practice now. Focus on compound movements in multiple places of motion to support how you are moving with this new “variable load” we call baby. 

Lastly, remember that having a baby doesn’t equate being less than or weak physically. You could be stronger and perform better than even before you had children. The road may look different and at a different pace however when you harness your inner MOMstrong athlete and you’ll be amazed by what you can do!