Power Up with the Superhero Workout!

Power Up with the Superhero Workout!

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To prep for her new role as Wonder Woman in the upcoming Superman-Batman movie, Fast & Furious star Gal Gadot has been using TRX in her workouts to help her develop a super-human, on-screen physique. We thought we’d bring back one of our favorite superhero-inspired workouts from TRX Master Trainer Jonathan Ross so you could get in on some of the action.

Iron Man Squats (15 reps)
Face the anchor point and grasp on to the foot cradles. With your feet hip-width apart, press down firmly onto the foot cradles as you lower down into a squat

Wolverine Lunges (10 reps low & 10 reps high)

Standing facing away from the TRX with arms bent and palms faced down. Extend arms wide with palms faced out into a “Y” as you lunge forward. Press back to the start position and alternate feet.

Batman Cape Throw (8 reps per side)
Stand facing away from your anchor point and put the TRX in single-handle mode. Grab onto the TRX with one hand and put the opposite knee on the ground. Stand and sweep your TRX arm over your head and return down to the original kneeling position with the TRX arm crossed over your chest, as if covering yourself with a cape.


Neo Row (6-8 reps per side)
Fully shorten the TRX and put it into single handle mode. Face the anchor point. Keeping your hips and shoulders aligned lean back holding onto the TRX until your knees are bent at 90 degrees. Extend your arm out back over your head towards the floor. Drive up with your hips and press through your heels until you are back in the starting position.


Spiderman Crunches (5 reps)
Put your toes in the foot cradles. Lift the hips so you are in push up position. Perform a push-up. At the end of the push-up movement, lift hips up and pull both knees to the elbows.


Morpheus Reverse Row (12 reps)
Start facing away from the TRX. Grab onto the handles with arms extended back towards the anchor. Cross your arms behind your lower back stacking one handle on top of the other. Gently lean forward until your arms are fully extended and repeat.


Wonder Woman Flys (10 reps per side)
Place your wrists in the foot cradles and face away from the anchor point. Bend your elbows at 90 degrees, palms turned inward make a fist with your hands. Lean forward, moving one arm out away from the center of the body keeping  the elbow is in line with the shoulder and holding the other arm steady. Bring the arm back to the start position. Repeat other side.


Daredevil: Rooftop to Rooftop (6-8 reps per side)
Put your toes in the foot cradles and face the ground in the prone position. Assume a push-up position where the tailbone is the highest point. Swing one leg out away from the center of the body while the other stays suspended and still. Alternate working leg.

Jonathan Ross, ACE Personal Trainer of the Year, Discovery Health Fitness Expert, TRX Master Trainer and creator of the TRX Super Hero workout, brings a fresh perspective on fitness to the industry (www.AionFitness.com). His personal experiences help him to create exercise strategies that deliver big results for clients.